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Graduate Programs

Women's and Gender Studies offers a Master of Arts (MA) degree and a Graduate Certificate:

For general program advising, please contact Dr. Peter Higgins at 734-487-1177 or phiggin1@emich.edu

For MA students planning for their Thesis, Final Project, or Practicum, please reference the Capstone Manual


Here are the graduate-level courses planned for Winter 2018!

  • WGST 540 Feminist Methodology (Falzetti): Mon., 5:30-8:10pm (23592)

Students will explore feminist approaches to research through close examination of texts that explain and demonstrate a variety of methods used in the humanities and social sciences. They will also explore the process of creating interdisciplinary research projects that achieve feminist research goals. This course is required for the WGST Master of Arts program. It should be taken in one’s first year.

  • WGST 513 Women and Aging (Social Work): Mon., 9:30am-12:10pm (26542)

Designed to provide social work, women’s studies, and gerontology students with the skills and sensitivity to understand the issues, needs and positive attributes of women as they grow older. Students will examine the lives of women in special groups, such as older minority women, caregivers, widows and institutionalized elderly women. Students will learn skills to provide effective services to older women in a variety of settings.

  • WGST 526 Topics in Feminist Philosophy: Sexuality (Philosophy): MW 2-3:15pm (25985)

This course applies philosophical methods to ethical, political, and conceptual questions related to sexual preference and identity, including: Are arguments for the alleged moral wrongness of homosexuality logically sound? Should (same sex) marriage be legal? What groups does/should ‘LGBT(etc)’ seek to identify? Who is ‘queer’? What is the relation between feminism and the liberation of sexual minorities?

  • WGST 556: Gendered Globalization (Goodman): Wed., 5:30-8:10pm (27091)

This course approaches globalization as both a gendered and multidimensional process. It provides an overview of how the gendered economic, political and cultural dimensions of globalization impact gender inequalities across countries and cultures. The course examines the intersections of gender and class, race, ethnicity, location and sexualities from a transnational comparative approach.

  • WGST 562 Practice with LGBT Persons (Social Work): Mon., 5:30-8:10 (22632)

This course exposes students to a wide array of life experiences of lesbian, gay, bi-attractional and transgender persons by listening to their own words-spoken, written, on film and through personal interviews. It develops contextual knowledge and understanding of life courses taken by sexual minorities.

  • WGST 650 Topics in Feminism: Advanced Survey Design (Simoes): Thurs., 5-7:40pm (26990)

This course provides in-depth theoretical and applied learning experience with survey questionnaire construction and modes of data collection.


Please note that planned course offerings are subject to change prior to the start of the term.