Eastern Michigan University

WIP-EMU Committees

Executive Committee

Directs group according to mission; sets meeting schedule; tracks funds available for awards

Name: Position: Email:
Donna Schmitt-Oliver Co-President donngord@aol.com
Jackie Tracy Co-President jtracy@emich.edu
Anne Balazs Vice President abalazs@emich.edu
Rhonda Kinney Longworth Treasurer  rkinney@emich.edu
Kelly Quilter Secretary kquilte1@emich.edu
Judy Mich At-Large judithgmich@hotmail.com
Lynette Findley At-Large lfindley@emich.edu
Karen Paciorek Chair, Outreach Committee kpaciorek@emich.edu
Margo Dichtelmiller Co-Chair, Awards Committee mdichtelm@emich.edu
Nina Contis Co-Chair, Awards Committee econtis@emich.edu
Glenna Frank Miller Co-Chair, Program Committee gmiller@emich.edu
Grace Stevick Co-Chair, Program Committee ghstevick@yahoo.com
Laura Thomas Ex-Officio, EMU Foundation lthomas11@emich.edu


Outreach Committee

Recruits new members and stewards existing members

Name: Position: Email:
Karen Paciorek Chair kpaciorek@emich.edu
Chris Karshin Member ckarshin@emich.edu
Kelly Quilter Member kquilte1@emich.edu


Awards Committee

Oversees proposals and distribution of funds and awards

Name: Position: Email:
Margo Dichtelmiller Co-chair mdichtelm@emich.edu
Nina Contis Co-chair econtis@emich.edu
Linda Pritchard Member lpritchar1@emich.edu
Karen Busch Member busch@msu.edu
Rhonda Kinney Longworth Member rkinney@emich.edu
Nancie Loppnow Member nancielopp@yahoo.com
Judy Mich Member judithgmich@hotmail.com


Program Committee

Coordinates events and programs

Name: Position: Email:
Glenna Frank Miller Co-Chair gmiller@emich.edu
Grace Stevick Co-Chair ghstevick@yahoo.com
Linda Polter Member linda.polter@emich.edu
Laura Thomas Ex-Officio lthomas11@emich.edu
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