Due to the extreme weather conditions, Eastern Michigan University is canceling all classes on Monday, February 2. This includes all planned campus activities, lectures and events. The University will be open as scheduled on Tuesday, February 3, for regular business and classes.

Eastern Michigan University

WIP-EMU Committees

Executive Committee

Directs group according to mission; sets meeting schedule; tracks funds available for awards

Name: Position: Email:
Donna Schmitt-Oliver Co-President donngord@aol.com
Jackie Tracy Co-President jtracy@emich.edu
Anne Balazs Vice President abalazs@emich.edu
Rhonda Kinney Longworth Treasurer  rkinney@emich.edu
Kelly Quilter Secretary kquilte1@emich.edu
Judy Mich At-Large judithgmich@hotmail.com
Lynette Findley At-Large lfindley@emich.edu
Karen Paciorek Chair, Outreach Committee kpaciorek@emich.edu
Margo Dichtelmiller Co-Chair, Awards Committee mdichtelm@emich.edu
Nina Contis Co-Chair, Awards Committee econtis@emich.edu
Glenna Frank Miller Co-Chair, Program Committee gmiller@emich.edu
Grace Stevick Co-Chair, Program Committee ghstevick@yahoo.com
Laura Thomas Ex-Officio, EMU Foundation lthomas11@emich.edu


Outreach Committee

Recruits new members and stewards existing members

Name: Position: Email:
Karen Paciorek Chair kpaciorek@emich.edu
Chris Karshin Member ckarshin@emich.edu
Kelly Quilter Member kquilte1@emich.edu


Awards Committee

Oversees proposals and distribution of funds and awards

Name: Position: Email:
Margo Dichtelmiller Co-chair mdichtelm@emich.edu
Nina Contis Co-chair econtis@emich.edu
Linda Pritchard Member lpritchar1@emich.edu
Karen Busch Member busch@msu.edu
Rhonda Kinney Longworth Member rkinney@emich.edu
Nancie Loppnow Member nancielopp@yahoo.com
Judy Mich Member judithgmich@hotmail.com


Program Committee

Coordinates events and programs

Name: Position: Email:
Glenna Frank Miller Co-Chair gmiller@emich.edu
Grace Stevick Co-Chair ghstevick@yahoo.com
Linda Polter Member linda.polter@emich.edu
Laura Thomas Ex-Officio lthomas11@emich.edu
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