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About the Program 

Eastern Michigan University is recruiting K-12 teachers and paraprofessionals who currently work with English learners (ELs) to participate in a two-year initiative that will study effective methods of teaching opinion writing to ELs, while earning an endorsement, undergraduate minor, or Master of Arts degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Some teachers will be randomly assigned to a one-year delayed/control group status, where they will collect data, and then join the program of professional development for two years. Others will be directly assigned to enter the two-year program of professional development.

Teachers will take two TESOL courses as part of a collaborative, inquiry-based professional development cohort that focuses on opinion writing with ELs—this work will be the subject of a research study that will add to the research base on effective practices with ELs. Teachers will also take additional TESOL classes at EMU to complete their program of study. Teacher-participants will be eligible for a 40% scholarship toward a TESOL endorsement, TESOL undergraduate minor, or TESOL Master of Arts degree,an approximate value of $6000.00-$9000.00. The program goal is to have an additional 300 TESOL- credentialed teachers in the region within 5 years. Any K-12 teacher who is currently working with two or more ELs in any subject area is eligible to apply. Teachers must be able to work with students on opinion writing during the professional development initiative. Some participants may wish to complete the endorsement certificate within two years or the MA in three years; they may also choose to take longer if they wish.

The professional development initiative will be embedded within the program model of the National Writing Project’s forty-plus years of teachers teaching teachers. This social-professional approach to building professional capital and improving student outcomes is validated by both research and the experiences of nearly 100,000 NWP teacher-consultants nationwide who have made NWP their professional home. Participants will be welcomed into a regional, state, and national NWP network where they can learn from and contribute to a community of dynamic teachers and researchers, PreK-University.




For full program requirements, admissions criteria, and other information about the TESOL programs at EMU, please visit EMU's TESOL Program site or the Eastern Michigan Writing Project (EMWP).