Fred J. Daniels

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Part-Time Lecturer

Africology and African American Studies


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Interests and Expertise

Mr. Fred J. Daniels is a part-time lecturer in Africology and African American Studies. He holds a Master of Arts in Africology and African American Studies from Eastern Michigan University. As the first student to be enrolled and complete the curriculum for the Master of Arts degree in Africology and African American Studies program, Mr. Daniels is proud to stand out as a beneficiary of the comprehensive plan of study, research strategies and opportunities for community engagement related to the African World experiences and culture in conjunction with providing a student with the intellectual capacity to bring to the community ideas and practices that enhance and improve conditions within the African and African American world and the societies at large. Overall, Mr. Daniels' educational background consists of an MA in Africology and African American Studies, a Bachelor of Arts from Wayne State University with a major of African American Studies, graduating with honors, and an Associate of Arts from Wayne Community College, represented by attaining a 4.0 GPA from each institution. Mr. Daniels is a fervent advocate for social justice as demonstrated by his membership of numerous community-based organizations such as the NAACP, The National Acton Network, The Change Agent Consortium, among others.