Micala D. Evans

A photo of Micala Evans

Part-time Lecturer

Africology and African American Studies


[email protected]


Micala Darcel Evans is an African-centered educator who helps teachers, students, and the public to think critically and take a culturally responsive stance toward continuously improving educational experiences and life outcomes of traditionally marginalized populations.

M.D. Evans is the founder of Historical Idlewild Tours and Services, LLC., a social enterprise that promotes historic preservation, tourism education, and place-based education. She has also worked as a mentor and success coach to college students.

After a successful career building community capacity and mentoring college students, Mrs. Evans now trains and coaches mentors and educators to adopt an African-centered model of cultural and educational enrichment for positive youth, college, and community development.

Micala is a Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Studies, Urban Education at Eastern Michigan University, and enjoys writing and performing spoken word poetry, hip-hop rhetoric, and films about the African Diaspora. Mrs. Evans is available for full-time employment, lecturing, mentoring, and training, as well as booking private tours to Idlewild, Michigan. You can reach her at 231.709.5724 or via email at [email protected].