Eastern Michigan University
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Clovis E. Semmes

Professor Emeritus



Ph.D. in Sociology, Northwestern University, 1978

M.A., Sociology, University Of Illinois, Chicago, 1972

B.A. in Sociology, Northwestern University, 1971

Interests and Expertise

Systemic Inequality, African American Institution & Social Processes, African American Popular & Expressive Culture (1865-1970s), Health Systems & Health Behavior, Alternative & Nonmedical Health Practices



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• In Progress: “From Vaudeville to Rhythm and Blues: Movie-Stage-Show Venues in Black Community Life.” Book-length examination of the social function of prominent movie-stage-show venues in historic Black communities.

Articles and Chapters in Books:

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Courses taught

Social Context of African American Health

The African American Family

African American Social Movements

Urbanization and the African American Community

The African American Diaspora

Foundations of Knowledge in African American Studies

Pedagogy, Perspective, and Practice in serving African American Communities

Comparative Religions in the African American Diaspora

Introduction to Black Business Enterprises

From Vaudeville to Rhythm and Blues: African American Expressive Culture, 1990-1979

Writing for African American Studies

Researching Black Families