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European Cultural History Tour

May 12–June 3, 2016


Take part in the ultimate European study abroad tour as you travel through 5 important European cultural centers to examine art and history in an interdisciplinary context. This unique learning experience includes stays in England, France, Germany, and Italy. Visit some of Europe's most renowned landmarks, see beautiful art and experience cultures while earning 6 credits from Eastern Michigan University in history and fine arts. Students from colleges around the U.S. are welcome to participate in this program at in-state tuition rates.

What makes the European Cultural History Program unique?

Multi-country study abroad program: Most study abroad programs allow you to experience just one, or sometimes two, countries during your time abroad. While this can be a great opportunity to focus in on a single location and/or subject area, EMU's cultural history programs allow you to experience multiple countries during your tour across Europe. You'll eat, sleep, learn and travel as locals as you gain knowledge and compare cultures from one stop to the next.

Taught by faculty that travel with you! : The Cultural History Program was created at EMU more than 40 years ago and the instructors and courses are approved by EMU history and art departments. This means your credits are earned from Eastern Michigan University, a fully accredited university founded in 1849. Our faculty is top-notch and experienced in both the topics they teach on this tour as well as navigating through the local customs at each stop. You'll learn from Gordon Knutson, Ph.D. and Benita Goldman, MFA.

Expand your circle of friends: Because this trip is open to college students across the U.S. you have the opportunity to build lasting friendships beyond your current school network. Experiencing new places, food and cultures with a mix of students from different universities brings a unique perspective to how and what you learn while touring Europe for this program.

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