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October 29, 2014


Dear Students,

In the upcoming days you will be invited to participate in a very important study at Eastern Michigan University regarding student interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. The purpose of this study is to learn about the potential for student business start-ups, engagement in entrepreneurial education, needs for start-up resources and start-up support services to commercialize a product or service. In addition, the study is aimed at assessing student intent in starting a business after graduation.

The last few years have seen an increasing significance in all things entrepreneurial. Recent studies have identified "entrepreneurship" as one of the most significant engines for economic growth and a "game changing concept" for the economy. With that momentum, there has also been a growing enthusiasm and relevance for entrepreneurship courses, programs, student startup incubators and student startup accelerators within Universities.

To better understand this influential movement and the needs of our student body all EMU students will be receiving, by email, a link to a survey that I request your participation in. The results of this study will help the University collect essential data necessary to further develop and nurture an innovative and entrepreneurial culture at the University.

The results of this survey will provide valuable information that can be incorporated into programs and improvements to EMU's business engagement, commercialization ecosystem and infrastructure.

I appreciate your participation and time.

Thank you,

Dr. Jeffrey Kentor
Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research