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General Education Review Committee Final Report (pdf)

The General Education Advisory Council (GEAC) asks for your response to the Report on the General Education Program presented to it by the General Education Review Committee. The GEAC is charged with considering this program review and providing recommendations for how the program may be updated in response to the review's contents. You are invited to provide response both at the Listening Sessions detailed below and via this online survey link (open until midnight, Friday, November 13th).

Listening Sessions:

Monday, November 9th: 1:00-2:30 p.m. in the Student Center Auditorium (SC 208)

Tuesday, November 10th: 10:00-11:30 a.m. in the Student Center Auditorium (SC 208)



General Education Program Review

The original documents approved for the General Education Program included a statement assuring that after five years "Eastern Michigan University will appoint a committee . . . to evaluate the program. This committee will work in concert with the Evaluation Subcommittee [of the General Education Committee] in preparing a report for the university community." This committee is charged with reviewing the program as a whole and evaluating its goals, learning outcomes, supporting processes and benchmarking it against peer programs and nationally recognized best practices.


A review committee consisting of Faculty Senate representatives, administrative representatives, and an external consultant has been appointed to coordinate the review effort. In conducting its review, the committee has been asked to assure that:

  • The review is wholistic and programmatic in nature as course level assessment is conducted by the Evaluation Subcommittee on an ongoing basis.
  • Review focus on improvements and enhancements. This program review is intended to inform development efforts. The university is not currently considering comprehensive General Education reform.
  • Committee will include external members as consultants. The committee should discuss and determine the best manner in which to employ their service and support.
  • The final report be prepared for delivery to the Provost and campus community no later than January 30, 2015.

At a minimum, this review should include assessment of and reflection on:

  • Do the program components compare favorably with peer institutions and best practices? What are the appropriate metrics and/or criteria for making these comparisons? Should the components be revised in any way?
  • Are the supporting processes functioning effectively? What process modification, if any, should be considered? This includes, specifically, whether or not we should limit the size of certain choice categories?
  • Faculty suggestions (both current and alumni) on the program and any suggestions and enhancements they may have.
  • Employer feedback, if any, on program content and student outcomes.
  • How effectively the program supports the partnerships EMU maintains with other higher education institutions.
  • Additional issues as needed.