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Provost's Update

May 2013


Strategic enrollment initiatives continue to yield success. As of May 7, 2013, credit hour count for current students registered for fall 2013 is + 7.96%. Registered FTIAC'S are up 30% compared to last year. FTIAC housing deposits are +300, and fast track reservations are + 450. We also have a 10% gain in registered students (FTIAC) of color. The academic quality of our freshmen class continues to make significant gains. With over 2,000 fast track registrations, the average ACT composite for this group is 22.20. Transfer admits are running 3% ahead of last year. New graduate credit hours are + 3.2% while returning graduate hours are - 5.09% Summer enrollment strategies are being implemented by each college to encourage current students to enroll in summer credits. We are currently down 7.5% on registered summer hours compared to last year.

Grant Thornton, our outside process management consultant, is finalizing an electronic graduate application loaded directly into Banner. In addition, GT is conducting a process mapping review of undergraduate transfer students from point of admission to registration, along with a support and design review of transfer credit evaluation.