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Provost's Update

May 2013

Facilities & Technology

Eighteen campus buildings now have Expanded Wi-Fi service installed and operational:  Alexander, Boone, Convocation Center, Halle, Fletcher, Mark-Jefferson, Marshall, McKenny, Owen, Pierce, Porter, Pray-Harrold, Quirk, Roosevelt, Sherzer, Sill, Strong, Student Center. Ford and Snow will be operational soon. View additional information on EMU’s wireless system, including service by location.

The new advising center in the Student Center will open its doors in May. Renovations are complete and wiring for equipment is being installed. In addition to iMac computer workstations for the advising staff, there will be iMacs available in the general advising area for students to use while waiting for appointments or working with an advisor. These computers have been ordered and will arrive within the next two weeks. The center will also feature a large campus map mural to help students locate referred services if needed. Advisors have been trained and are looking forward to putting the new model of “bringing advising to the students” into action.

Renovations on the Warner Locker room will take place between early May and mid July. Much of this upgrade comes at the request of the faculty for increased security. The facility will be closed while new locker and shower configurations are created, lighting and HVAC are being reconfigured, and new alarms are installed as needed. Painting and locker replacement/repair is also part of the scope of work.