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Provost's Update

May 2013

Internal Research Awards Update

The award process for 2013-2014 is completed, and I am very happy to report that the number of applications for FY14 internal research awards increased from 71 applications to 131 applications, or 85%. Also, the number of FY14 internal research awards increased from 40 awards to 83 awards, a 108% increase. You may be aware that changes were made to the internal research awards as a result of negotiations between EMU and the AAUP. The purpose of these changes was to increase the number of applications and provide more support of research, with the long-term goal of increasing the amount of externally-funded grant proposals and awards. The results above indicate that these changes are having the desired effect as far as internal research.

Here are some details on the most recent round of awards.

Sabbatical Awards: in 2013-2014, 13 two-semester and 10 one-semester leaves will be awarded. Sabbatical leaves (one semester at full pay or two semesters at half pay) are granted for special study, research, and/or writing or other projects which enrich the teaching of individual faculty members; bring prestige to the individual and the University; or provide service of significant nature for local, state, national, or international organizations. Two semester sabbatical leaves also include up to $12,000 in research support, if requested. The University Research and Sabbatical Leave Committee reviews the sabbatical leave proposals and makes recommendations to the Provost. 

Faculty Research and Creative Activity Fellowship Awards: in 2013-2014, 46 faculty will be supported with these Awards. Faculty Research and Creative Activity Fellowships are competitive award given to faculty who submit meritorious research or special study proposals. The fellowships award up to 50% release time from teaching to help provide a foundation for a faculty member to develop a research base for future additional funding from other sources. Unlike a sabbatical leave, the fellowship recipients are still expected to fulfill other contractual responsibilities, such as service to the University during this released time. The University Research and Sabbatical Leave Committee reviews the Faculty Research and Creative Activity Fellowship proposals and makes recommendations to the Provost.

Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program Awards: For winter 2013, a total of $16,000 was awarded to 8 undergraduate students, and $3,000 to 6 EMU faculty mentors for research and creative projects. The Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program Is intended to facilitate research partnerships between undergraduate students and EMU faculty. Student awardees will receive a $2,000 fellowship in support of their research efforts. The collaborating faculty member may receive $500 to be used for lab/studio supplies or equipment, professional travel, or other professional expenses. 

Provost's New Faculty Awards: for 2013-2014, the Provost has awarded 15 new EMU faculty a total of $69,920 for research and creative projects under this award program. The Provost's New Faculty Research Award offers competitive awards of up to $5,000 to faculty in their first or second year of employment at EMU to carry out carefully designed research or creative projects. The program is designed to help new faculty establish a research agenda that will make them more competitive for external funding.