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Provost's Update

Nov. 2014

Career Services Enhances Technology-Based Resources

handshakeUACDC – Career Services has a new jobs portal and career management system for students and employers called Handshake.  EMU is one of the first schools in the nation to switch platforms to a product utilizing Facebook-like logic to heighten student and employer experiences.  The Handshake system provides an array of easy-to-use tools that allow students to proactively and consistently document and manage their professional competencies, experiences and job search activities.

The Handshake system suggests to users opportunities that match their qualifications and can notify them when such opportunities are posted by the University’s partner employers.  It also encourages students to attend events/job fairs by letting them know how many other students in their major are already registered.  So far, the feedback from students has been outstanding!  Anyone on campus can check on the system for him or herself. To set up a faculty or staff member (employer) account, go to https://app.joinhandshake.com/register.  All students (and alumni going as far back as 5 years) are pre-loaded into the system and able to access by logging into my.emich, going to the Student tab, and clicking on the channel box on the right.

UACDC’s LinkedIn project represents another part of its efforts to encourage students to use technology to enhance their academic experience and professional development. Students may earn Learning Beyond the Classroom credit by using their employment volunteer and engagement experience to build a comprehensive LinkedIn profile.  Participating students who work while attending school will develop a wide range of soft skills that will be necessary for career success in the future. Educating students on the value of capturing those soft skills through completion of their LinkedIn profile increases their skill at reaching out to employers, getting industry-specific information and connecting with others in their fields. Creating a LinkedIn profile helps them build their professional network and strengthen their marketability to future employers. Students interested in participating should be encouraged to follow the instructions above, or contact Sarah Kersey Otto for more information.

Thanks to Sarah Kersey Otto for contributing to this article