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Provost's Update

Oct. 2016


EMU Business Link Connects Local Businesses with EMU Resources

[email protected] is creating and promoting a vigorous community engagement agenda this fall with a number of innovative events aimed at promoting community synergies in cultural and business arenas. [email protected] collaborating​ ​​ (directed by the Provost and the President's office) ​with a number of offices​ and areas​ across campus that are of interest to business and industry to create EMU Business Link, a virtual front door​. Involved offices include ​Academic Service-Learning, ​Career Development, Corporate and Foundation Relations (EMU Foundation), Technology Transfer and ORDA. Launched on October 26, the purpose will be to help business and industry connect with the vast resources at EMU. View our flyer [PDF] or email bus​[email protected] for more information.

Ypsilanti African American Heritage Project

[email protected] students and staff have been active partners in several important projects supporting the Ypsilanti community. Our Office of Academic Service-Learning has partnered with several community organization on the Ypsilanti African American Heritage Project. The project supports a fuller understanding and recognition (through 11 permanent signage markers) of these important historical origins and influences.

EMU Creates Tutoring Program to Support Ypsilanti Community High School's Student Development Program

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