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Office of the Provost


Please join me in welcoming colleagues who have recently joined the university, congratulating those who have received promotions or have taken on administrative roles


New Faculty and Lecturers
  • Karen Foor, Assistant Professor, Physician’s Assistant Program
  • Alicia Jones, Lecturer II, School of Health Sciences
  • Dyann Logwood, Assistant Professor, Women’s & Gender Studies
  • Lindsay Kalinowski, Assistant Professor, Physician’s Assistant Program
  • Adena Rottenstein, Lecturer III, Psychology
  • Chandler Wilson, Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Bands, School of Music and Dance
New Administrators and Staff
  • Julie Becker, Interim Director of the School of Technology and Professional Services
  • Seth Brown, Teacher I, Child Care Center
  • Sherry Bumpus, Director, Nursing Operations
  • Marko Delic, Project Coordinator, Academic Success Partnerships
  • Logann Dolan, Career Coach
  • Amy Finkenbine, Program Coordinator, LGBTQ Resource Center
  • Sydney Finkenbine, BCBA Therapist, Autism Center
  • Cathleen Gable, Sponsored Projects Officer, Research Development
  • Deanna Gower, Supervisor, Nursing Learning Resource Center
  • Annabel Kaplan, BCBA Therapist, Autism Center
  • Meredith Krus, Academic Advisor
  • Brad Minton, Career Coach
  • Sandra Mroz, Mental Health Counselor, CAPS
  • Krish Narayanan, Interim Associate Director, Honors College
  • Stephanie Newell, Interim Department Head, Management
  • Amy Otteson, Institutional Research Analyst, IRIM
  • Jeff Popko, Department Head, World Languages
  • Benuel Post, Complex Director, Housing Administration
  • Ali Siewert, Psychologist, CAPS
  • Erin Smith, Psychologist, CAPS
  • Silsa Waldroop, Administrative Assistant II, School of Nursing
  • Jamila Whitaker, Associate Director, Charter Schools Office
  • Emily Wilcox, BCBA Therapist, Autism Center
  • Dustin Yates, Community Program Development Manager,  [email protected]
  • Mehmet Yaya, Interim Department Head, Economics

We welcome these individuals to their new roles!