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Office of the Provost

Annual Report Process

Annual reports are due on August 31. The following units submit annual reports:

  1. Provost’s Office
  2. Five academic colleges
  3. Honors College
  4. Graduate Studies and Research
  5. Academic HR
  6. Halle Library
  7. Faculty Development Center
  8. Academic Programming
    1. General Education
    2. Community College Relations
    3. Course and Program Development
    4. Holman Success Center
    5. UACDC
  9. Academic Success Partnerships
  10. [email protected]
  11. Office of the Ombuds
  12. Office of Wellness and Community Responsibility
  13. Disability Resource Center
  14. AVP for Student Well-Being’s Area
    1. OISS
    2. Children’s Institute
    3. CAPS and UHS
    4. Diversity and Community Involvement
  15. Title IX

Reports should all include:

  1. Introduction
    1. Status of current year’s goals as compared to last year’s, including as many metrics as possible
    2. Unit’s significant achievements, even if different from stated goals, including as many metrics as possible
    3. List of 3 to 5 major goals for next year, including their relationship to the university strategic plan

Reports may also include:

  1. List of publications by faculty or staff over the previous academic year
  2. Progress in seeking or maintaining external accreditation
  3. List of new programs, phased out programs, and programs that were reconfigured, both academic programs and student support programs, with brief rationale and/or explanation of your program review process, for the past 3 years.
  4. List of efforts to increase enrollment
  5. List of efforts to increase revenue/decrease expenditures (colleges should include course/section scheduling strategies)
  6. Summary of funds raised from source external to EMU
  7. Grant applications written to sources external and internal to EMU, including participating individuals’ history of previous grants received
  8. List of community engagement activities
  9. List describing your unit’s efforts to promote a culture of student and/or faculty and/or staff success
  10. List describing your unit’s efforts to foster diversity and inclusion
  11. Conclusion – any additional remarks to share

 A Google form for submitting your annual report is available here.