Eastern Michigan University
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Office of the Provost

Provost Office Staff

  • Kim Schatzel
    Kim Schatzel, Ph.D.

    Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

    Email: kschatze@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.3200

  • Carroll
    James J. Carroll, III, Ph.D.

    Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Administration

    Email: jcarroll@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.3200

  • Jeffrey D. Kentor
    Jeffrey D. Kentor, Ph.D.

    Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research

    Email: jkentor@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.0042

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    Rhonda Longworth, Ph.D.

    Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Programming and Services

    Email: rkinney@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.3200

  • Kucera
    Kevin Kucera

    Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

    Email: kkucera@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.8892

  • Phillips
    Calvin Phillips, D.Ed.

    Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

    Email: cphill34@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.0035

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    Bin Ning, Ph.D.

    Assistant Vice President and Executive Director of Institutional Research and Information Management

    Email: bning@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.4924

  • Carl Powell, Ph.D.
    Carl Powell, Ph.D.

    Assistant Vice President and Chief Information Officer

    Email: crpowell@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.1491

  • David Woike
    David Woike, Ph.D.

    Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

    Email: dwoike@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.0076

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    Chiara Hensley, Ed.D.


    Email: chensle5@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.6741

  • Dow
    Akosua Dow

    Administrative Associate to the Provost

    Email: adow3@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.0889

  • Debbie Clearwater
    Debbie Clearwater

    Executive Assistant, Academic Affairs

    Email: dclearwa@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.3202

  • Goffeney
    Robertta Goffeney

    Executive Assistant

    Email: rgoffen1@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.3201

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    Winifred Martin

    Executive Assistant

    Email: wmartin1@emich.edu

    Phone: 734.487.3201

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