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Office of the Provost

Wednesday Briefing for February 15

The Provost's Wednesday Briefing is a complement to the Provost's Update, intended to be a quick update on achievements and opportunities in Academic and Student Affairs. Please forward any comments or submissions to [email protected].

Federal Program Review – Deadline of February 17 (Revisited)

If you were sent an attendance verification spreadsheet, please fill it out and return as soon as possible. All that is required is to enter a "Y" for Yes if the student did attend at least a part of the course, or "N" for No if the student did not. Spreadsheets should be sent to [email protected]. Many instructors will not receive spreadsheets as only certain student groups are being tracked; however if you did receive one, we very much appreciate the extra effort required to complete and return by the deadline.

Apply EMU

Apply EMU for faculty, students and staff went live on February 8, replacing Apply Yourself as our graduate program application platform. Documents for students in process in Apply Yourself began migration on February 6. Working lab sessions, FAQ, informational session dates and sign-ups are available on the project website. The faculty/staff help line is 734.487.8956, or [email protected].

Inauguration of President Smith - March 2, 2017 (Revisited)

Reminder to Faculty, Full- and Part-Time Lecturers planning to attend the Inauguration and participate in the march and processional, that the deadline to order regalia online is February 16. Visit the Inauguration web page, and click on the participants tab for details on timing and other logistics, noting that participants will gather in McKenny Hall to march to Pease. (Note: if the regalia order site references commencement and a deadline of February 10, please ignore. We are trying to get this fixed by the site owners. The accurate ordering deadline is February 16 and orders placed there are for the Inauguration, not commencement).

If not participating in the march and processional, regalia is not needed, but you will need to reserve free tickets to general seating in Pease Auditorium. Click on the Attendees tab, and then the Reserve Tickets button.