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Office of the Provost

Wednesday Briefing for February 1

The Provost's Wednesday Briefing is a compliment to the Provost's Update, intended to be a quick update on achievements and opportunities in Academic and Student Affairs. Please forward any comments or submissions to [email protected]

Federal Program Review - Deadline of February 17

As a result of a US Department of Education Federal Program Review of EMU this past fall, faculty and lecturers may be asked to verify a small number of students' attendance from the past few semesters. If this applies to you, you will receive a spreadsheet with individual student names to look up. All that is required is to enter a "Y" for Yes if the student did attend the course, or "N" for No if the student did not. In most cases the spreadsheets only have one or two names. Many instructors will not receive spreadsheets as only certain student groups are being tracked; however if you do receive one, we very much appreciate the extra effort required to complete and return by the deadline. Spreadsheets should be sent to [email protected].

TEDxYDL + EMU - Deadline of February 15

EMU's Halle Library is collaborating with the Ypsilanti District Library for a TEDx event scheduled for 7:00 pm, April 13, at Halle Library. This year's event theme is interdependence, and the organizers are looking for talks from a variety of disciplines that touch on how people and ideas can depend on each other. Download the flyer [PDF] with more information.

Dialog Session: Academic Partnerships - February 10

Visit the Faculty Lounge, 247 McKenny, at 11 a.m. on Friday, February 10, to ask any questions you may have about EMU's partnership with Academic Partnerships (AP). EMU has agreed to partner with AP to launch a few current degree programs in online and accelerated formats. EMU is fully responsible for the development and delivery of the curriculum, while AP will promote the programs and assist with recruitment and Marketing. A press release with link to the contract was issued in December, 2016.