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Office of the Provost

Provost's Wednesday Briefing for February 28, 2018

2018 EMU MI-ACE Distinguished Woman in Higher Education Leadership Award

The EMU Michigan-American Council on Education (MI-ACE) Women’s Network is excited to announce Ellen Gold, Assistant Vice President for Student Well Being, as recipient of the 2018 EMU MI-ACE Distinguished Woman in Higher Education Leadership Award.

About the Award

The Distinguished Woman in Higher Education Leadership Award is presented annually by the EMU Michigan ACE Women's Network. It is the highest honor the MI-ACE Network presents.

In an organization that attracts the involvement of academic and administrative leaders in higher education and those who aspire to follow in their footsteps, it is a challenging task to single out just a few of the many who have pioneered change and championed the voices of women in their profession.

Despite the challenge, in 2001 the Michigan ACE Network chose to encourage an increased public awareness of women’s particular contributions at the college and university level by creating the “Distinguished Woman in Higher Education Leadership Award.” This award honors Michigan women who have distinguished themselves by providing outstanding leadership to women in their institutions, in their profession and in society at large. The award recognizes groundbreaking work on behalf of women that is outside the scope of the nominee’s formal faculty or staff responsibilities. Honorees have distinguished themselves as advocates for women and catalysts for change.

Recognition and Reception

EMU MI-ACE and the EMU Board of Regents will be recognizing Ellen Gold during the upcoming April 20, 2018 Board of Regents meeting, during both the Student Affairs Committee session and the general board meeting.

Additionally EMU MI-ACE will be hosting a recognition reception honoring Ellen directly after the general board meeting.

EMU MI-ACE Women’s Network Reception and Mentor Connection

In honor of Women's History Month the EMU Michigan American Council on Education (MI-ACE) is offering a Women's Networking Reception & Mentor Connection event! Come out and connect with other women on campus! Build Relationships! Find Support! Share your wisdom! Let's make History together!

Please join us on Friday, March 9, 2018 from 8:30–11 a.m. in room 300 in the EMU Student Center for a morning of community building and camaraderie. Activities include a panel presentation on the power of mentoring relationships and time for networking and mentoring conversations. This space is centered around the spectrum of women's identities and is welcome to all.

If this is a space that resonates with you and you are interested--you are welcome! To help us with our planning, please RSVP using the event registration form at your earliest convenience or by noon on Wednesday, March 7.

Student Teachers to Represent Eastern at Governor's Talent Teachers of Promise Event

EMU’s College of Education student teachers Shira Starr and Danielle Mijnsbergen were selected to represent Eastern Michigan University at the Governor’s Talent Teachers of Promise program on  Monday, March 12, 2018  at the Suburban Showplace in Novi, Michigan.  Students were nominated by university supervisors and invited to share their professional vision of themselves as teacher leaders. They were chosen among a cadre of outstanding student teachers for their commendable work thus far as student teacher candidates in the COE program, academic achievements, professional statements, and the high praise they received from their university supervisor. This program is supported by the The Network of Michigan Educators.

2018 Summer Research Awards 

Congratulations to the 2018 Summer Research Award recipients!  In lieu of summer teaching assignments, these faculty will engage in a wide variety of research, creative, artistic, and scholarly endeavors.

  • Amanda Allen, (English Language and Literature). "Noel Streatfeild’s Shoes in America: Streatfeild’s Transatlantic Influence on American Girls’ Fiction."
  • Michael Angell, (Biology). "Field and Experimental Analysis of Viral Infection in Cyanobacteria."
  • Eamonn Arble, (Psychology). “Maintaining Performance in Spatial Cognition: A Model of Resilience.”
  • Grigoris Argeros, (Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology). “Racial and Generational Differences in Neighborhood Outcomes among Hispanics in the U.S.”
  • Meriam Caboral-Stevens, (Nursing). “Estimating Risk of Error Based on Combined Scores on Pharmacology Knowledge Questionnaire and Certainty of Undergraduate Nursing Students.”
  • Jonathan Carter, (Communication, Media, and Theatre Arts). “Political Memes: Networked Technologies and the Changing Face of Civic Rhetorics.”
  • Howard Cass, (Music and Dance). “Recording, Editing, Publication, and CD Release of a Newly Composed Original Jazz Quartet Suite.”
  • Chong Man Chow, (Psychology). “Fat Talk and Body Image Disturbances Between Female Friends: A Dyadic Diary Study.”
  • D. Crystal Coles, (Social Work). “Understanding the Complexity of Food Insecurity, Academic Performance, and Student Retention.”
  • Brian Connolly, (Biology). “Warming Woods: Climate Change, Herbivores, and the Fate of Future Forests.”
  • Jamie Cornelius, (Biology). “Metal Contamination and Plumage Condition in Urban Birds across Michigan Cities.”
  • Michael Doan, (History and Philosophy). “Writing a Book on Epistemic Injustice and Emergency Management.”
  • Margaret Dobbins, (English Language and Literature). “Queer Accounts: Victorian Literature and Economic Deviance.”
  • Cory Emal, (Chemistry). “Analysis of the Impact of Xanthohumol Levels on Beer Flavor and Aroma.”
  • Ashley Falzetti, (Women’s and Gender Studies). “Awikiiaawi!/Let’s Write!”
  • Xianghong Feng, (Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology). “Conduct Ethnographic Fieldwork for a New Research Project Entitled ‘Impacts of Individual’s Mobility on Family Cohesion in Rural Ethnic China’.”
  • Jason Ferguson, (Art and Design). “Volume Reimagined: Using CNC Milling to Create Precision Volumetric Sculptures.”
  • Rachel Gramer, (English Language and Literature). “Stories at Work: Phase Two of a Longitudinal Narrative Study of New Writing Teachers’ Identity Learning.”
  • Jeromy Hopgood, (Communication, Media, and Theatre Arts). “MonUmental – Creating a Multimedia Public Art Installation.”
  • Qin Hu, (Engineering Technology). “Molecular Dynamics Based Assessment of Shockwave-Augmented Electroporation on Cell Membrane.”
  • Ashley Johnson Bavery, (History and Philosophy). “Muslim Americans in Greater Detroit.”
  • Andrii Kashliev, (Computer Science). “A Software Tool for Optimizing Big Data Databases.”
  • Tareq Khan, (Engineering Technology). “A Noninvasive Wearable Gadget for Diaper Moisture Detection, Classification, and Notification.”
  • Anthony Koschmann, (Marketing). “The Paycheck-to-Paycheck Consumer: Where, What, and How Much They Buy.”
  • Deborah Laurin-Phelan, (Teacher Education). “Caregiver-Infant/Toddler Interactions during Diapering: Indirect Effects of Involvement on the Relationship Between Use of Caregiver Affection and Encouragement on Child Well-Being.”
  • Jamie Lawler, (Psychology). “The Development of Self-Control in Early Childhood and Its Implications for Socioemotional Development and Mental Health.”
  • Laura McMahon, (History and Philosophy). “Essential Insecurity: Merleau-Ponty and the Nature of Political Life.”
  • Christine Neufeld, (English Language and Literature). “Inscriptions and Extraordinary Forms of Writing in Medieval Literature.”
  • John Oswald, (Geography and Geology). “Globalizing the Amish: Prosperity and Pitfalls of Socio-Economic Integration into the World Economy.”
  • John Palladino, (Special Education). “Ethical Special Education Leadership: Responding to the 2017 Supreme Court of the United States Special Education Ruling.”
  • Biswajit Panja, (Computer Science). “Security in Wireless Implantable Medical Devices (IMD) using Digital Certificates.”
  • Eric Portenga, (Geography & Geology). “Taking a Second Look at Our Eroding Planet: Updating the Global Erosion Rate Database.”
  • Yaman Roumani, (Computer Information Systems). “Identifying the Riskiest Software Vulnerabilities.”
  • Amy Sacksteder, (Art and Design). “Eruptions and Interruptions: Querying Our Use of Public and Privately Owned Spaces via Painting, Paper Cutting and Collage.”
  • Elena Sanchez Vizcaino, (Communication, Media, and Theatre Arts). “Accessible Theatre at EMU.”
  • Joel Schoenhals, (Music and Dance). “A Century of Chinese Piano Work.”
  • Hannah Seidel, (Biology). “Role of the Starter Gene in Controlling the Continuous Cell Cycle.”
  • Rita Shah, (Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology). “‘Smart on Crime’ or Policy as Usual? An Analysis of California’s Shift to a Rehabilitative Department of Corrections.”
  • Amanda Stype, (Economics). “Veteran Household Use of Government Transfer Programs and the Impact on Financial Stability.”
  • Thomas Waltz, (Psychology). “Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Clinically Significant Change in Mental Health Outcomes Research.”