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Office of the Provost

Wednesday Briefing for March 15

The Provost's Wednesday Briefing is a complement to the Provost's Update, intended to be a quick update on achievements and opportunities in Academic and Student Affairs. Please forward any comments or submissions to [email protected].

Commencement is Approaching!

The spring commencement ceremonies will be on April 22, 2017, at 9:30 a.m. (Colleges of Arts & Sciences, and Technology), and 1:30 p.m. (Colleges of Business, Education and Health & Human Services). The order site for faculty regalia rental is open now; more information on the ceremonies will be forthcoming.

Volunteers are a crucial part of the success of the commencement ceremonies for students and their families. There is nothing quite like experiencing the ceremonies as a participant and contributor, being on site behind the scenes with students and then watching them receive accolades for their hard work as they walk across the stage. It is a powerful reminder that our daily efforts at EMU really matter. If interested in volunteering, please contact William Pollard. Food is provided.

2017 Distinguished Contributions Award Ceremony

- RSVP by March 20

The 2017 Distinguished Contributions Award Ceremony will be held on March 29, 2017, in the EMU Student Center Ballroom. A reception begins at 3 p.m., and the formal program will take place from 3:45–5 p.m. The awards will honor EMU faculty and staff who have advanced the University’s mission to enrich the lives of its students in a supportive, intellectually dynamic and diverse community.

JNT Dialogue 2017: "Temporalities of Crisis and Condition" – March 16, 6:30 p.m.

The Journal of Narrative Theory (JNT) is hosting this event on Thursday, March 16, 6:30 p.m. in the EMU Student Center. The event is a dialogue about the immediate post-election crisis. Visit the Facebook page for more information.

Federal Program Review (Revisited)

We are still actively collecting student past attendance data from the relevant faculty and lecturers, and are at a 57% return rate. We are very grateful to all who have taken the extra effort to resolve student attendance questions. As a refresher, all that is required is to enter a "Y" for Yes if the student did attend the course, or "N" for No if the student did not. If an instructor is no longer at the university and the department/school has no record of attendance, please mark the student's attendance with an "N" and return the sheet to your head/director or to Akosua Dow.

EMU Explorers Camp

During EMU's winter break, about 280 sixth graders from Dexter Community Schools spent Tuesday through Friday Working with EMU faculty on a number of hands-on projects in sessions ranging from galactic intelligence to coding, toy-making, crime scene investigation, interior design, and others. Jack Bidlack, Assistant Director, Community Initiatives, was key in leading and coordinating the program, in partnership with Excellence 4 Dexter Students, and Creekside Intermediate School staff. Read the MLive article

Library Survey Reminder

Please consider taking the LibQUAL Survey of library quality, to provide the Halle Library with a better understanding of the information needs of the EMU community, as well as expectations of library service.

Student to represent PACE Academy with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Honors Band

Seventh grade student Jauron Perry from EMU Charter School Dr. Joseph F. Pollack Academic Center Of Excellence (PACE), was nominated and accepted to play with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Honors Band this past Monday evening. He will also play with the Michigan State University Spring band in the coming weeks.