Edge Alums

Jillian Travis, BS, Elementary Education, 2017

To Incoming Edge Students,

As a proud EMU Edge graduate, my biggest advice to incoming freshman is to set your priorities and stick to them. I cannot tell you how many times that I chose to miss out on a trip to the movies or the mall because I had to finish a paper. It was a bummer at the time but walking across the stage as an honors graduate made all of those long nights of hard work worth it! Although college is about so much more than just academics, you cannot forget the reason why you are here. I worked hard and took advantage of the amazing free resources around me like tutoring and success coaching. I now have my dream job as an Elementary teacher. I don't believe I would be here if I had not had the support of HSC and the Edge Program.

Good Luck and Go Eagles! :)
-Jillian Travis
Fall 2017 Graduate


DuVarius Vaughn, BS, Communication, Media, and Theatre Arts, 2017

For those entering the Edge (formerly PASS) program: make friends at the study tables and take notes in UNIV!

While graduating was the biggest of many accomplishments, there is one other that stood out the most. Networking, collaborating and building a team of like-minded individuals is one of them. This would not have been possible if I never took the path through college, I think. My number one inspiration through this journey has been none other than my mother, of course. In the future, I hope that I can buy my mom a car and finance her house!


Jeremy Schiel, BBA, International Business, 2017

One thing I would say to students currently in the Edge program is that the university sees the potential in you. So, in that respect, I would say to double down and prove to them that you were the right choice, because there were others that didn’t make the cut. Being accepted through Eastern’s PASS (now Edge) program, I made sure to not let the opportunity go to waste. You have the potential to achieve whatever you set your mind to and it all starts here in the Edge program.

While at the university, my greatest accomplishment was learning how to balance running the International Business Students Association (IBSA), serving on the Dean’s Board of Student Advisors (DBSA) for the College of Business, and working full-time, all while maintaining a good GPA. That type of work ethic allowed me to pursue my dreams of entering the private space industry after graduation.

My parents have been my mentors when seeking advice and played a crucial role in demonstrating the importance of attaining a college education. Because of my college experiences and achievements, at the end of June, I will be moving to Silicon Valley to work as a new business developer at two new startups in the private space industry. One of my main goals is to bring space companies to Eastern Michigan University for internship opportunities, as I would have loved those options during my attendance. 

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