Success Coaching

As of Monday, March 16, 2020, HSC is offering virtual Success Coaching through Google Meet.

  1. Schedule your meeting with your Success Coach as usual
  2. Your coach will add a "Conferencing" link in your Google Calendar event
  3. At the appropriate time, use the link in your Google Calendar event to join the "Meet"
  4. If you haven't yet met with a Success Coach, you may choose a coach from the list below
    1. If you're currently meeting with a staff member, visit the staff page and select your coach

Be sure to have your planner and any questions with you when you join! 

Holman success coaches are professionals, UNIV instructors and UNIV SIs who:

  • Are personal trainers for college 
  • Have experience meeting with students
  • Can help arrange and prioritize your academic life
  • Can connect you to other services when needed
  • Can demonstrate 'how-to-study' techniques
  • Offer one-on-one skill-building workshops . 

Why You Should Meet with a Success Coach

Meeting with a success coach is an excellent way to get you on track academically and personalize your education. We assist students in navigating the University system, as well as assisting in tracking progress toward both academic and personal goals. If you need a hand in developing a plan of action to tackle academic challenges and attain personal achievement, we are here to help!

Student Testimonial

My experience with the Holman Success Center has been unmatched in its utility and profundity. When I met with my success coach, Alexandra Kubiak, I was almost down and out entirely. However, we discussed the basic building blocks for creating a strong semester. Things like organization, time management, and attendance were some of the weaker aspects of my college career. These life skills are transferable directly to my day to day, and my future career goals. Once Alex and I figured out what I was lacking, and why, we began to develop a tailored solution for me. This took into account my job, my current grades, my overall GPA, my post-grad goals, and even my personality and inability to focus.

Through consistent meetings, goal setting, application of said goals, and persistent work, I managed to complete a total of 5 classes with 4 A’s and a B+. I am proud of myself and of the work I put in. I am also grateful for having Alex as my mentor and success coach. Honestly, this past year has been life changing, eye opening, and most certainly educational all thanks to the brilliance of Alex.
- EMU Student, Winter 2020

How to Connect

Schedule now! | 734.487.2133

Don't see your Success Coach listed? You may have been meeting with a staff member. If your coach isn't there, either, contact us! We can recommend someone great to work with you on your continued success.

  • Lauren Anargyros Expand dropdown

    Lauren has been working in the Holman Success Center since 2015 when she started as an undergraduate peer mentor. She got her Bachelor's degree in Communication and Psychology and is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Higher Education Student Affairs. Through working in HSC, Lauren has found her passion for working with students to help them succeed in college and life. Her ultimate goal is to continue that passion by becoming an Academic Advisor.

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  • Abby HeinExpand dropdown

    Abby is very excited to start her journey at EMU working in the Holman Success Center! She received her Bachelor’s degree in linguistics from Oakland University, and she is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders at EMU. During her undergrad, Abby worked as an Academic UNIV SI and loved helping students develop strong study skills and habits that would influence their academic success. She aims to be a supporter and motivator for her students in every aspect of their new college career. 

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  • Veronica KonglimExpand dropdown

    Veronica Konglim is from Cameroon. Education: B.A. in Bilingual Letters, French/English Translation and Interpretation from University of Yaounde M.A. in TESOL, Eastern Michigan University Ph.D. in Educational Studies (In Progress). Currently, her research interest is on the use of gardens for teaching. She has been a part of the HSC family since 2016, which is 4 years now and notes that it has been a blessing. Fun Facts: She is a mother of two who loves gardening and cooking. When I have free time, apart from gardening or cooking, she also loves to watch CSI shows. One thing that fascinates me is the philosophy of existentialism and intrigued by the cultural understandings of death and dying.

     [email protected]

  • Alex KubiakExpand dropdown

    Alex couldn't get enough of EMU during her undergrad, so she decided to come back to continue her studies. Her BA is in German language and Literature with a minor in English linguistics, and she is currently pursuing her MA in TESOL. Alex loves working with EMU students and believes that she can strongly influence them to not only succeed academically, but to succeed in all aspects of life. She says that, "With every student comes a special story and a unique experience. I believe that it is through self discovery that we find how to empower and motivate ourselves. Throughout my own journey, I have acquired some useful tools that have taken me far, and I look forward to sharing these tools with my students. I believe that by encouraging students to take such an introspective outlook, these tools can assist them in achieving their own understanding of success." 

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  • Chris MatsosExpand dropdown

    Chris Matsos serves as a UNIV Instructor and is passionate about academic success and student support services.  Chris is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in English and also holds a M.A. in English from Wayne State University. 

    Chris played professional arena football and coached college football for 6 years after graduating from the University of Michigan.  He also previously served as the Director of Academic Support Services at Concordia University Ann Arbor and the Assistant Director of TRIO Student Support Services at Wayne State University.  He currently serves as a member of the board of directors for the Letterwinners M Club at the University of Michigan and also works in the Football Education Department for the Detroit Lions.

    [email protected]

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