SI for Students

Summer 2021 SI Schedule

What does a Supplemental Instruction Leader (SIL) do for me?

  • Support students inside the classroom by attending class lecture, engaging in classroom discussion, and helping students with questions and confusions before and after class.
  • Plan and facilitate weekly study and review sessions for the course. These SI sessions are engaging, collaborative, and non-remedial, meaning they keep up with course material and give students the opportunity to review and apply what they’re learning with support from their fellow classmates.
  • Offer drop-in “office hours” for individualized tutoring assistance and questions at Eagle Study Tables.

Does it work?

Absolutely! Don’t take our word for it though. Here’s what students had to say:

  • "I really enjoy SI and find SI to be very helpful! It's a much more personal environment and allows me to ask questions about whatever! My SI makes awesome exam review packets and has great activities that help me a lot."  (Bailey Fast - Fall 2015)
  • "Using the BIO 251 supplemental instructors has been immensely helpful in mastering this course. The [SI] instructors are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping you better understand the material and prepare you for tough exams and quizzes." (Meredith Phillips - Fall 2015)
  • "With only two semesters of college under my belt, I can safely say that SI has been a fantastic study source for my harder classes. My current SI is great with explaining material and provides a tremendous amount of help, as well as various studying materials (and she brings us donuts!) I honestly do not know why more people do not take advantage of SI!"  (Kaylin Peterson - Fall 2015)

For more data and information on the effectiveness of SI, visit our Student Success Data page.

Apply to be an SI Leader!

To be eligible for the position, student must: 

  • Enroll at EMU for at least 6 credit hours for the semester in which they'll be employed (4+ credit hours for graduate students)
  • Have at least a B+ in the course for which they will SI
  • Provide a faculty recommendation related to the course (include as one of your professional references)
  • Have a passion for learning and success!

How many hours will I work?

  • 2.5 hours per week attending the class sessions
  • 2 hours per week providing drop-in tutoring (Waived for graduate students with a full GA-ship)
  • 1 hour per week meeting with your instructor
  • Up to 3 hours per week completing session prep
  • 2 hours per week facilitating SI sessions

You'll have about 10 hours of work for HSC each week, plus one 2-hour program meeting each month. Before the semester begins, you'll complete about 3 hours of online training modules and attend a 2-day workshop so you can practice what you've learned. We'll make sure you're prepared to be the best SI Leader you can be. 

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