Knack at EMU

We are excited to announce a new academic partnership with Knack — a leading peer tutoring platform enabling our students to learn from one another.

Here's a short overview video of how Knack works:

Knack’s platform allows students to book 1-on-1 and group tutoring sessions. Knack Tutors are verified high-achieving students from EMU who have previously aced the courses they offer assistance in. Tutoring is subsidized for all students and sessions can take place in-person or online.

Students looking for additional assistance outside of the classroom are advised to consider working with a peer tutor through Knack, especially of HSC does not currently offer tutoring support for this course at Eagle Study Tables. EMU has partnered with Knack to provide students with access to verified peer tutors who have previously aced this course. To view available tutors, visit and sign in with your student account.

We are continually recruiting best-fit students to sign up and list themselves as peer tutors on the platform. If you have taken one of the following courses recently at EMU AND received a B+ or better, go to where you can create a verified tutoring profile and begin helping students.

Courses Supported:

ACC 296
ACC 240
AFC 101
ARTH 267
ASTR 105
BIO 140
BIO 326
BIO 305
CHEM 120
COSC 112
COSC 212
COSC 211
CTAT 130
DS 250
DS 251
GEOG 107
LAW 293
LITR 160
MATH 110
ME 100
MUSC 101
MUSC 119
PHIL 100
PHIL 120
RLST 100
SAG 175
SOCL 105
SOCL 214
WRTG 120

For questions concerning Knack and our partnership, email [email protected]