VA Enrollment

NOTE: You may incur a debt, your enrollment may not be processed, your paperwork may be terminate if one of the following applies:

  • Major/Minor declared with the VA office conflicts with the program of study declared with Records & Registration
  • Enrolled in classes not required for your Major/Minor
  • Received failing grade for unofficial withdrawal of course(s)
  • On academic probation for three terms and cumulative GPA below 2.0
  • Repeating course(s) already successfully completed
  • Withdrawing from a course or courses
  • Adding a course without proper notifications to the EMU VA office

NOTE: You are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations of the VA Educational Program. Check the VA website for updates and explanation of benefits.

Please submit this form AFTER you have completed registration and only submit it once.

The form has not been submitted if it does not send you to a "Thank-You for submitting..." page. Please make sure all questions are answered.

All fields are required unless otherwise noted.

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