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The EMU Admissions team is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the admissions process, from exploring our diverse academic programs to helping you understand application requirements and deadlines. Whether you're a prospect student, parent, or counselor, we're here to provide the information and support you need. Reach out to us with any questions and let's start your journey towards becoming an Eagle!

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Your admissions representative is here to help. They'll provide personalized guidance on your journey to becoming an Eagle and help answer any questions you might have.

Tiffany Boyd

Admissions Advisor

Alaura Hanks

Senior Admissions Advisor

David Reyes

Admissions Advisor

Emma Sturm

Admissions Advisor

Jaden Zayas

Admissions Advisor


Dan Medrow

Senior Transfer Admissions Advisor


Mercedes Arias

International Enrollment Advising Specialist

Faith Salsbury Shavalia

International Enrollment Advising Specialist


LaJoyce Brown, Ed.D.

Director of Admissions

Hailey Bormann

Associate Director, Admissions, Recruitment 

Clarissa Russell

Associate Director, Regional Recruitment & Diversity

Misty Sparrow

Associate Director, Admissions Visits & Events