Undergraduate Students Estimated Cost of Attendance 

As part of Eastern Michigan University's commitment to educating students in a diverse and welcoming environment, EMU will no longer charge international undergraduate students out-of-state, non-resident tuition. Effective fall 2018, all new international undergraduate students will pay in-state tuition.

Introducing the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship for International Scholars

You pay for your first two consecutive years of tuition at a locked-in tuition rate of approximately $13,000 per year (30 credits).

Then EMU will pay for 100% of your next two consecutive years of tuition (30 credits a year).

You’ll live in an on-campus community for each of the four years at a locked-in room and board rate of approximately $10,500 a year, which includes a standard double room and a standard meal plan.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Returning undergraduate international students who have been previously enrolled will still pay out-of-state tuition but will remain eligible for the National Scholars Program (NSP) Scholarship [PDF], which pays the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition.

International undergraduate students are required to take 12 credit hours per semester to maintain legal F-1 status. The cost estimates below assume a student is taking 12 credit hours per semester for two semesters per year (24 credit hours per year).

In-State Tuition for Undergraduate International Students

  • Tuition and Registration Fee (24 credit hours): $10,300
  • Insurance (Required for international students): $1,779
  • Room and Board (Housing and meal plan): $9,956
  • Total Estimated Cost for Undergraduate Students: $22,035 per year

Room and board numbers are dependent on the housing and meal plan options chosen. The example above is for a traditional residence hall and a comprehensive meal plan. The example above uses the 2018-2019 rate of $413.60 per credit hour.

Returning international students who receive the NSP must enroll in 15 credit hours per semester to maintain their scholarship.

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