Undergraduate Students Estimated Cost of Attendance 

As part of Eastern Michigan University's commitment to educating students in a diverse and welcoming environment, EMU no longer charges international undergraduate students out-of-state, non-resident tuition. 

Introducing the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship for International Scholars

You pay for your first two consecutive years of tuition of approximately $14,500 per year (30 credits).

Then EMU will pay for 100% of your next two consecutive years of tuition (30 credits a year).

You’ll live in an on-campus community for each of the four years. Room and board costs are approximately $11,660 a year, which includes a standard double room and a standard meal plan.

In-State Tuition for Undergraduate International Students

  • Tuition and Registration Fee (24-32 credit hours): $14,610
  • Insurance (Required for international students): $2,244
  • Room and Board (Housing and meal plan): $11,660
  • Total Estimated Cost for Undergraduate Students: $28,514 per year

International undergraduate students are required to take 12 credit hours per semester to maintain legal F-1 status. This cost estimate assumes a student is taking 12 credit hours per semester for two semesters per year (24 credit hours per year).

Room and board numbers are dependent on the housing and meal plan options chosen. The example above is for a traditional residence hall and a comprehensive meal plan. The example above uses the 2022-2023 Block Tuition pricing.

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