Making the Dream of a College Education Possible

Several Southeast Michigan employers work with Eastern Michigan University to provide competitive tuition programs and discounts to make the dream of a college education a possibility for their employees. Check out the employers below for help with tuition and more.

Amazon logo

Amazon Employees

Opportunity abounds for Amazon employees. One of those opportunities is Amazon Career Choice, which allows employees to gain foundational skills, a college degree, or industry certifications.

Career Choice provides hourly employees with a path to career success at Amazon or elsewhere. Together, we provide excellent education, job placement resources, and continuous improvements to the student experience.

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GM logo

General Motors Employees (GM Family)

Exclusive to the GM Family, Eastern Michigan University offers a tuition discount through the GM Marketplace. If you’re looking to complete your undergraduate degree or pursue a graduate degree, this flexible program suits your needs.

In addition to a generous discount, the GM Marketplace Discount provides an expedited admissions process, an application fee waiver code and dedicated email contact and website for easy communication.

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Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) logo

Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) Employees

As an exclusive benefit to Wayne County Airport Authority, Eastern Michigan University offers a tuition discount for on campus undergraduate and graduate degrees, both full and part-time schedules.

Starting or completing a degree becomes easier for students who take advantage of this offer. Discounted tuition, expedited admissions, waivers, and easy communication present numerous opportunities and possibilities.

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City of Dearborn logo

City of Dearborn Employees

If you’re a current employee of the City of Dearborn, you are eligible for a generous discount offer on tuition. In addition to the discount on tuition, you may even qualify for academic credit for previous work experience.

Our flexible degree options open up a world of possibilities for the non traditional student seeking an undergraduate or graduate education. Easy, dedicated communication streamlines the process to meet the needs of working students.

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Edcor logo

Edcor Discount Program

Eastern Michigan University, one of the top universities in Michigan and a leader in flexible degree completion opportunities, offers an exclusive tuition discount opportunity through our partnership with Edcor.

EMU will provide a 33 percent discount for our Engineering Management [M.S.] program. The Master of Science in Engineering Management, MEM, program is appropriate for a wide range of engineers, scientists, and business and technical individuals, who have previously earned a four-year degree in engineering, technology, or sciences.

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