EMU Community College Day

Thursday, October 8, 2020

9-9:30 a.m.

  • Welcome - Colleen Kibin, Director of Community College Relations; Dr. James Smith, President; Joe Vainner, Associate Director of Admissions

9:30-9:50 a.m.

  • Honors College - Dr. Ann Eisenberg, Dean, the Honors College

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Breakout Sessions

College of Arts and Sciences (10-10:45 a.m., 10:50-11:35 a.m.)

Dr. Joseph Csicsila, Professor and Department Head, English Language and Literature

Dr. Christopher Barrick, School Director and Professor, School of Music and Dance

Dr. Rachel Schroeder, Assistant Professor of Sociology

This year, the College of Arts and Sciences will highlight three areas of study.  Representing the English department, Dr. Joseph Csicsila will talk about the recently revised majors in the department.  Dr. Christopher Barrick will provide an overview of our School of Music and Dance, which houses a number of exciting academic programs.  Dr. Rachel Schroeder will be introducing participants to our Critical Disabilities Studies minor.  Find out how this minor pairs well with other liberal arts majors or practice-based majors.

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College of Business (10:00-10:45; 10:50-11:35)

Dr. Kenneth R. Lord, Dean

Dr. LaVerne Higgins, Professor of Management

Dr. Alankrita Pandey, Associate Professor of Management

Deedra Springgay, Student Services Coordinator

Kathryn Shallow, Student Service Coordinator

Join EMU’s College of Business for an informative session about the college and how students can plan to transfer to the business programs from a community college. Attendees will hear from Dr. Ken Lord, dean of the college, as well the college advisors, Kathryn Shallow and Deedra Springgay, about how students can maximize their time and money at the community college.  This year we are featuring our most often asked about business program, Management.  Dr. La Verne Higgins and Dr. Alankrita Pandey will provide an insight on the different tracks of the program, Human Resource Management and Management, and the vast career options students have when they graduate from EMU with a BBA in Management.

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 College of Education (10:50-11:35; 11:40-12:25)

Dr. Wendy Burke, Department Head, Teacher Education

Dr. David Winters, Professor and Department Head, Special Education and Communication Science Disorders

Dr. Christine Lancaster, Director of Student Support, Teacher Preparation Unit

We invite you to dialogue with us about the needs of community college transfer students. We want to know more about students’  learning, advising, social/emotional, and academic needs during this time of unique instructional delivery and life. What have you learned about your students in the last 6 months that could inform how we support them in the next 6 months and beyond? We will also share updates about the College of Education’s programs in  Elementary Education,  Secondary Education, Special Education, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Children and Families, and Leadership. We hope you will join us!

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GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology (10:00-10:45; 11:40-12:25)

Dr. Mohamad Qatu, Dean

The GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology has many exciting new developments this year. Dr. Mohamad Qatu, Dean of the college, will be speaking about the $40 million dollar renovation of Sill Hall and the innovative programs included in the four schools: Visual and Built Environments, Engineering, Information Security and Applied Computing, and Technology and Professional Services Management. He will share information on program accreditation, and new programs and course offerings that align with industry demands and needs.

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 College of Health and Human Services

Session 1: 10:50-11:35

Dr. Andrew Cornett, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Health Promotion and Human Performance

Sandy Pernecky, Co-Director, Dietetics and Human Nutrition

During this session, our guests will hear from our faculty in Exercise Science and Dietetics.  Exercise Science has undergone a number of exciting changes in the last year, including becoming part of the MiTransfer Pathways, which Dr. Andrew Cornett will share about.  Dietetics has several changes forthcoming as a result of changes in the industry and licensing that will be of interest to those working with students, presented by faculty member, Sandy Pernecky.

Dietetics Handout [PDF]

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Session 2: 11:40-12:25

Erica Zonder, Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Human Performance

Dr. Megan Sterling, Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Human Performance

David Evoy, Student Service Coordinator and Lecturer, Social Work

This session will focus on program overviews from Sport Management, Public Health, and Social Work.  The world of sports is a rapidly expanding industry with many job prospects for graduates, which Erica Zonder will be discussing.  Public Health is another new program included in the MiTransfer Pathways project, and an area of great focus during the current public health crisis.  Dr. Megan Sterling will be providing an overview of the program.  Finally, for our Social Work program, Dave Evoy will be discussing the smooth transition many of our students make and the partnerships we have with our college partners.

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