Legacy Scholarship Recipients

2023-24 Legacy Scholarship Recipients

 Noah Askew

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2024

Why did Noah choose EMU? What motivated me to choose EMU was my mother's success. I believed that I would be able to find what I wanted to do with the rest of my life at EMU, like she did.

Why is this scholarship signifiacant to Noah? This scholarship means alot to me because my parents have to provide for my twin sister and I. They do so much for the two of us and I want to be able to help them as well. This scholarship helps them as much as it helps me financially. Thank you!

Sponsor: Sheree A Askew (BS96, MS01), mother

Brendan Behmer

Expected Date of Graduation: Winter 2026

Future Plans: Brendan hopes to work in sports management after graduation!

Why did Brendan choose EMU? Many people in my family went to EMU and they received a very good education from EMU. That was a huge part of why I chose EMU!

Sponsor: Kevin S Behmer (BS88, MA96), father

Jessica Ceckiewicz

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2025

Future Plans: Jessica plans on working in child psychology!

Why did Jessica choose EMU? I decided to attend EMU because of the psychology program. I was also influenced by my brother and father since they are both EMU alumni.

Sponsor: Brian T Ceckiewicz (BS08), father


Chelsea DeVolder

Expected Date of Graduation: December 2024

Future Plans: Chelsea plans to work as an elementary school teacher in her hometown!

Why is this scholarship signifiacant to Chelsea?This scholarship is very significant to me because my mother is an EMU alumna and she inspires me everyday to be a kind, caring, and strong human who goes for what she believes in. EMU has given me the opportunities to showcase and grow those qualities!

Sponsor: Heidi J DeVolder (BS98), mother


Destiny Gayden

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2024 

Future plans: Destiny hopes to work as a graphic desginer with a focus in branding and advertising!

Why did Destiny choose Eastern?The abundance of resources and opportunities available on EMU’s campus motivated me to choose EMU. I felt that coming to EMU would provide me with a sense of belonging, even though I was coming into an unfamiliar environment. The people that I’ve met, the faculty that I've had the chance to connect with, the events that I’ve gone to, etc. has made the college experience a memorable one... I can honestly say that I am proud to be an Eastern Eagle!

Sponsor: Janielle W Gayden (MS22), parent


Jordan Gretnzer

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2026

Future Plans: Jordan's future plan involves traveling and finding a job that fits her skill set in communications!

Why is this scholarship signifiacant to Jodran? It is extremely significant as it will help me with the costs of tuition, textbooks, school supplies, and more. 

Sponsor: Daniel E Gretnzer (BS91), father


Alexander Harrison

Expected Date of Graduation: Fall 2023

Future Plans: Alexander hopes to work for the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defence!

Why did Alexander choose Eastern?I chose EMU because they have a top aviation program and it’s close to home. 

Sponsor: Calesta L Harrison (BS00), mother

Julia Johnson

Expected Date of Graduation: May 2028

Future Plans: Julia hopes to work in the medical field one day.

Why is this scholarship signifiacant to Julia? Having parents that went to Eastern is exciting for me, yet sentimental for them. Even though it is the same college, there are many changes, allowing it to be my own personal experience. Further, receiving the Legacy Scholarship will greatly help towards my education here at Eastern Michigan. Thank you for your kind contribution and investing in my future, it will help my dreams come to reality.

Sponsor: Julia F. Johnson (BSN94), mother

Anne Leach

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2024

Future Plans: Anne hopes to be a middle school and high school math teacher!

Why is this scholarship signifiacant to Anne? This scholarship is incredibly significant to me because of how much Eastern Michigan University means to my family and me. I am extremely honored and grateful to be recognized as a worthy legacy of this prestigious award. As a proud Eagle for life, this scholarship reiterates to me how special EMU is and that I made the best decision to attend this educational institution. Go Eagles!!!

Sponsor: Jennifer Leach (BS92), mother


Kathryn Koszykowski

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2026

Future plans: Kathryn hopes to obtain her masters degree in speech pathology!

Why did Kathyrn choose Eastern? EMU always felt like home to me and to go to the same school my mother went to makes it much more important to me.

Sponsor: Kimberly L. Koszykowski (BA88), mother


Emelia Mihuc

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2024

Future Plans: Emelia hopes to become a speech pathologist.

Why did Audrey choose Eastern? I choose Eastern as my education institute because of the phenomenal resources EMU has for their students. The professors have been nothing short of amazing on an educational and personal level. They truly make going to school more enjoyable as they are just as committed to my education as I am.

Sponsor: John Mihuc (BS05), father


Evelynn Lemons

Expected Date of Graduation: December 2025

Future Plans: Evelynn hopes to become a high school chemistry teacher!

Why is this scholarship signifiacant to Evelynn? Both my parents are EMU graduates with education degrees. I have witnessed their success as teachers and the lessons they've learned from their years at Eastern has inspired me. A goal of mine is to follow in their footsteps while experiencing less financial burden thanks to the Legacy Scholarship Fund.

Sponsor: Wendy L. Lemons (BS95), mother

Kay Morton

Expected Date of Graduation: December 2023

Future Plans: Kay hopes to become a registed nurse! 

Why is this scholarship signifiacant to Kay?The first, and most important, is that it is a representation of following in my mother’s footsteps by attending the same institution that she did and receiving a high quality education, and what it means to be a legacy student at Eastern. It is also significant in that I will be finishing my last semester at EMU in December, and the next chapter of my life will begin. This scholarship will help support me moving forward as I search for a career and prepare to get married the following January.

Sponsor: Teresa Morton (MS88), mother

Hannah Spohn

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2025

Future plans: In the future, Hannah plans on being a Highschool ELA teacher!

Why did Hannah choose Eastern? I chose EMU because it is a college that has the feeling of a large university, but the benefits of a smaller university. The campus is decently sized, and I find that the smaller class sizes allow me to build relationships with my professors and peers in productive ways. The location of the school in relation to my family's home is also perfect. 

Sponsor: Jimmie McAnally (BS89), grandparent

Averi Weitzmann

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2027

Future Plans: Averi future plans are to finish school and to find a workplace that supports her career goals of supporting the youth.

Why did Averi choose Eastern? The EMU choir program motivated me to apply for Eastern and this scholarship means a lot to me because of my mother. She worked so hard during her time at EMU and she did so well even when taking care of two kids. I hope I am just as successful as her!

Sponsor: Desiree A Weitzmann (BS18), parent


Hannah Zetterholm

Expected Date of Graduation: December 2023

Future Plans: Hannah hopes to become a middle or high school special education teacher.

Why did Maxwell choose Eastern? "EMU has provided me with a lot of opportunities to learn about my career choice. Every professor that I have had at EMU has inspired me to do my best and has challenged me to work harder. Without EMU, I would not be where I am today in my educational journey."

Sponsor: Annette Zetterholm (BS87, MA92, MA97), mother