Legacy Scholarship Recipients

2021-22 Legacy Scholarship Recipients

Noah Askew

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2024

Future Plans: Noah's goal is to be a history teacher!

Favorite quote? "With great power, comes great responsibility." - Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

Sponsor: Sheree Askew (BS95, MSW01), mother

Benjamin Baron

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2025

Future Plans: Benjamin wants to be a high school history teacher!

Favorite quote? "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."- George Santayana

Sponsor: Ellen Baron (MA13), mother

Scarlet Bringard

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2022

Future Plans: Scarlet hopes to attend law school after her undergraduate degree to become an attorney.

Why did Scarlet choose EMU? "I chose EMU because both my brother and my father have had wonderful, enriching educational experiences while they were here. I wanted a college experience like the one they described and knew I could find it at EMU."

Sponsor: Greg Bringard (BS88), father

Justice Carlton

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2020 (fifth year)

Future Plans: Justice hopes to be a college professor

Why did Justice choose Eastern? For me, the choice to continue my education at Eastern Michigan University was an easy one. As the son of an alumni, I have seen how a degree from EMU prepares graduates for personal and professional success. The advisors were quick to answer questions and highlight the advantages offered at the university. The professors from the history department at EMU are well respected and possess invaluable expertise in the field. I am confident that a degree from Eastern Michigan University will allow me to achieve tremendous academic growth and leave me well prepared for my future career.

Sponsor: Deborah Carlton (BS96), mother

Christopher Carson

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2025

Future Plans: Christopher hopes to be a psychologist

Why did Christopher choose Eastern? Attending EMU will allow me to achieve and obtain my educational goals. It would also help to further enhance and refine my skills. I have lived in Michigan my entire life. Attending a top university in Michigan has always been a dream of mine. Additionally, my mom obtained her Master of Science degree from EMU.

Sponsor: Tanya Carson (MS08), mother

Chelsea Devolder

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2024

Future Plans: Chelsea hopes to pursue Elementary Education to be a kindergarten or second grade teacher.

Why did Chelsea choose Eastern? I chose EMU to further my education because the moment I stepped onto campus it felt like home. Everyone was so welcoming and willing to help. Also, the College of Education is one of the best in the nation. So why would one want to go anywhere but the best.

Sponsor: Heidi DeVolder (BSN98), mother

Emilee Gerlach

Expected Date of Graduation: June 2025

Future Plans: Emilee hopes to be an elementary teacher

Favorite quote? "While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about." - Angela Schwindt

Sponsor: David Gerlach (BS93), father

Adam Greunke

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2024

Future Plans: Adam hopes to be a mechanical engineer

Why did Adam choose Eastern? I chose EMU for a few reasons. Many members of my family have attended or are attending EMU. My family has been connected to this college for a long time, so being able to go to the same college is special to me. The new engineering program and facility also contributed to my choice.

Sponsor: Kelly Greunke (BS94), mother

Audrey Hall

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2025

Future Plans: Audrey hopes to work in the food industry with business management

Why did Audrey choose Eastern? Though Eastern's beautiful campus and excellent business program helped me decide on a college, I chose EMU to follow in my family's footsteps.

Sponsor: Brian Zmikly (BS95), step parent

Elaine Hart

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2025

Future Plans: Elaine hopes to become a zoologist.

Favorite quote? "Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else." Fred Rogers

Sponsor: Scott Hart (MS00), father

Myranda Ivey

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2023

Future Plans: Myranda hopes to be clinical child psychologist

Why did Myranda choose Eastern? I chose EMU because of its welcoming faculty, its beautiful campus, and the Psychology program here. I see this college being as one of the paths to getting to my future goals.

Sponsor: Faith Ivey (BSW97), mother

Jacob Kendrick

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2022

Future Plans: Jacob hopes to become a Transportation Mechanical Engineer

Favorite quote? Socrates: "So when the rhetorician is more persuasive than the doctor, it is a case of the ignorant being more persuasive than the expert in the company of the ignorant." -- Plato, from his Socratic Dialogue, The Gorgias

Sponsor: Lonnie (BBA86) and Melissa (BS86) Kendrick, parents

Emelia Mihuc

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2025

Future Plans: After Emelia earns her Bachelors Degree in Biology, she plans to apply to a Physician Assistant program.

Why did Emelia choose Eastern? I decided to choose EMU for many reasons that just happened to align with my plan to further my education including the amazing opportunity to be apart of the Honor's Program, being awarded the Emerald Scholarship to aid in the financial burden, and the ease of commuting from home! Also, EMU has left a lasting impression on my family as many members of my immediate family have attended Eastern Michigan University and have shared lasting memories that they hold very dear. I am extremely honored that EMU is allowing me the opportunity to continue this legacy!

Sponsor: Alyssa Mihuc (BS02), mother

Alyssa Pendergrass

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2025

Future Plans: Alyssa hopes to be an accountant

Favorite quote? "Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." -Lou Holtz

Sponsor: Gerald Marszalek (BS67, MS74), grandparent

Leah Pulice

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2023

Future Plans: Leah hopes to be a luxury residential interior designer

Favorite quote? "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. - Henry David Thoreau"

Sponsor: Jim Stapleton (BA53), grandparent

Maxwell Runnels

Expected Date of Graduation: June 2025

Future Plans: Maxwell hopes to pursue a career as a character artist with a simulation, animation, and gaming degree.

Why did Maxwell choose Eastern? I chose EMU as my place of education due to the long standing legacy of quality teaching and great student to faculty ratio. The degree program wasn't offered at other schools I had previously considered. Most importantly, I wanted an on campus experience where I would be able to make a personal connection with the students in my surroundings.

Sponsor: Deborah Runnels (BS95), mother

Megan Scherer

Expected Date of Graduation: 2023

Future Plans: Megan hopes to work in public relations

Favorite quote? "It's not what you have in life, it's who you have in your life that matters"

Sponsor: Darlene Scherer (BS90, MA98), mother

Kassandra Tanana

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2024

Future Plans: Kassandra hopes to be an occupational therapist and eventually own her own therapeutic clinic.

Why did Kassandra choose Eastern? Besides the fact that my mom is a proud alum, I chose EMU because it is close to my home in Canton & had the perfect program for me to become an OT!

Sponsor: Sandra Linsner (BS97), mother

Katrina White

Expected Date of Graduation: April 2023

Future Plans: Katrina hopes to work as an Emergency Room Physician Associate (PA)

Why did Katrina choose Eastern? I chose EMU to continue my education because EMU had everything I was looking for: a great science program, a graduate PA program, a marching band to join, a welcoming diverse campus, and the financial aid I needed to accomplish my goals. Earning my undergraduate degree at EMU will bring me one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming an ER PA.

Sponsor: Sheryl White, mother