Donacal Clemons

Donacal Clemons is a first-generation college student and recent 2021 EMU graduate from Detroit, Michigan, who earned his degree in Secondary Education, with a focus in Social Studies and History. 

Donacal was able to complete his education with financial assistance from EMU, given in the form of scholarships, grants, and emergency relief funds. Many of these funds are thanks to Student Government and donors throughout the course of his studies.

“The gifts allowed me to pay for my last semester as an undergraduate, and I'm beyond grateful,” says Donacal. “If I could say anything to donors, I would say thank you for your ongoing support and service to the EMU community.” 

Donacal encourages donors to look at his success as a reason why they should consider giving.

“If you are planning on giving, use my testimony as proof. I went from the city of Detroit to receiving a higher education with the support of my College of Education family,” says Donacal.

After attending EMU for eight years, Donacal has become very fond of the support that the College of Education has provided him. He credits this support as his reasoning behind becoming a teacher.

“Over the past years, I have grown to consider EMU to be my home, and it's for many reasons,” says Donacal. “One is the amount of love and support that I have received from my professors and Dean in the College of Education (COE). I believe the COE is the most cohesive and collaborative college out there. This is largely due to the fact that everyone in the COE genuinely cares and wants to see everyone succeed.”

Donacal is filled with gratitude and truly inspired by what he has been a part of at EMU. 

“This type of support and genuine care is what influenced me to become a teacher in the first place,” says Donacal. My whole goal is to bridge the lingering disconnect between students and teachers. My mentors helped bridge that gap for me and now I want to do the same and become an agent of change in my community.”

If you would like to support our future educators like Donacal in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, please visit our crowdfunding page. There is no better way to honor a teacher than to make a gift in their name!