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Scholarship Recipients

2017-18 Scholarship Recipients
First-time Recipients
Jessica Moore Legacy Scholarship
Jessica Moore, Allen Park High School

Legacy Scholarship Recipient

As a legacy, Jessica looks to her father, an EMU alumnus for inspiration as he recently completed his degree in 2016 after an extended educational journey. Because of this, she is a firm believer that anyone can achieve their goals and the importance to set a goal and never lose sight of it. With college courses under her belt from Schoolcraft College and EMU, she was member of the National Honor Society, Peace Club, World Language Club and a hospital volunteer. Leading an active academic life during high school, Jessica was involved in track and field, diving and has won various awards including the Principals Scholar.

Christopher McLane Legacy
Christopher McLane, Father Gabriel Richard High School

Legacy Scholarship Recipient

Christopher McLane believes in giving back which is illustrated through his community involvement. He trusts his future career will “revolve around making a positive difference in the lives of everyone around him.” An avid volunteer with several organizations, he has worked for St. Mary Magdalen’s Soup Kitchen, Gleaners, and the Humane Society of Livingston County. Planning to pursue a degree in computer science with a minor in French language (following in the footsteps of his mother), Christopher is certain that an EMU education will make him competitive in the global computer industry. A National Honor Society member, he was also involved in cross country, computer club, Christian Service and plays the piano.

Alexa Cooley Scholarship
Alexa Cooley, Jefferson High School

Legacy Scholarship Recipient

Excited to enter EMU as a freshman, Alexa has always understood the importance of education through her father, an alumnus and three time MAC champion. During high school, she demonstrated hard work through volunteer efforts and extracurricular activities. Consistently achieving over a 3.8 GPA, she was a member of the National Honor Society and also earned college credit from Monroe County Community College. While in high school, Alexa worked as an intern for Gretchen Driskell for the 7th Congressional District in southeast Michigan, and as a member of Eastern Michigan University Honors Band, Student Council, as well as a Special Olympics volunteer. Her career plans are to obtain a bachelor’s degree in political science leading into a career as a White House advisor, lawyer, or college professor. Alexa believes her mission is to “improve racial and gender relations in the U.S. and work to improve the American public education system by providing a fair opportunity for everyone.”

Renewed Scholarship Recipients
  • Brendan Macias
  • Sumner Oesterle
  • Jack Parzuchowski
  • Nathan Behnke
  • Brielle Bashore
  • Lily Earl
  • Christina Gee
  • Christine Kardel
  • Alexandra Wilbanks

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