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Scholarship Recipients

2018-19 Scholarship Recipients
First-time Recipients
Scarlet Legacy
Scarlet Bringard, Caro High School

Hometown: Caro, MI

Legacy Scholarship Recipient

"Being an EMU Legacy means to carry on a tradition of academic excellence. EMU has exposed my brother and my father to all different kinds of people from so many different backgrounds. This has helped them become more open-minded and see different points of view."


Jacob Legacy
Jacob Kendrick, Divine Child High School

Hometown: Westland, MI

Legacy Scholarship Recipient

"Going to Eastern for me is about more than just 'going to classes', it is about becoming a part of the community that I have been exposed to for years and continuing the family legacy."


Nat Legacy
Natalie Flesher - McKinney, Canton High School

Hometown: Canton, MI

Legacy Scholarship Recipient

"Indeed, I am not only an EMU Legacy by the mere fact that I am the daughter of an EMU graduate school alumna, but more so because I proudly carry on the belief system of an EMU educator, passed on by one of his students, my mother."

Zach Legacy
Zachary Sturgill, Flat Rock Community High School

Hometown: Flat Rock, MI

Legacy Scholarship Recipient

"With myself soon to be an EMU Legacy, I thank my mom greatly for passing on important lessons she learned  from her time as an Eastern Michigan Huron."

Kassie Legacy
Kassandra Tanana, Canton High School 

Hometown: Canton, MI

Legacy Scholarship Recipient

"I want to be able to know that I am being set up for nothing but success and feel comfortable that what I am doing in college will help me and my future family."

Renewed Scholarship Recipients
  • Alexa Cooley
  • Christopher McLane
  • Jessica Moore
  • Brendan Macias
  • Sumner Oesterle
  • Jack Parzuchowski
  • Brielle Bashore
  • Lily Earl
  • Christina Gee
  • Christine Kardel
  • Alexandra Wilbanks

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