Eastern Michigan University

Alumni Association Board President speaks to Winter 2018 graduates

On Saturday, Dec. 16 2017, more than 1,500 students earned a degree from Eastern Michigan University. Our current Alumni mattAssociation Board President, Matt Mortier, was able to speak to Eastern's latest graduating class about what it means to be an EMU Alumni and the importance of staying connected.

Good morning and congratulations to my fellow graduates. My name is Matt Mortier and I am the president of the Eastern Michigan University Alumni Association and a two-time graduate of this wonderful university.

I am excited and honored to share this moment with you. All of you are the newest members of the Eastern Michigan University Alumni Association - and I am here to officially welcome you! You now join more than 165,000 alumni worldwide who share a common green and white bond.

For 168 years, your new alumni family members have been recognized for their skills, talents and commitment to improving our world. Many of these family members are with us today. I would like to acknowledge any parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family and friends who are EMU alumni gathered with us here today. We also welcome you back home today.

Graduates, while you leave today as new alumni of EMU, I urge you to consider engaging with the vast network of alumni wherever you may be in the world, and commit to giving back your time, talent and treasure.

Family is powerful word. We are proud of all our alumni. Today, we are most proud you - the newest members of our alumni family.

As always, and for forever… Go Green!

--Matt Mortier