Eastern Michigan University

David Turner '94

by Lisa McNulty, Published May 15, 2015David Turner

The year was 1994 and David Turner was about to make one of his favorite memories. The place was packed, the stage was set, excitement was contagious and everyone looked great in their caps and gowns. Commencement was the culmination of hard work, fun and growth, but it was particularly important to David because his dad was in the audience. Shortly after graduation David lost his father, but he looks back on that day as a memory he will never forget.

His time at Eastern was special in more ways than one. He was lucky enough to meet his future wife Delayne and gain a direction for his future. David credits Dr. Fraya Wagner-Marsh, a professor in the College of Business, as one of the professors who helped shape his future. "I absolutely loved everything about EMU... my time spent here was memorable and life altering," David said. David recently came home to EMU as the Vice President of University Human Resources.

He says, "I am very excited to return to my alma mater. This University is extremely special to me. The opportunity to join Dr. Martin's team and the prospect of contributing to the success of the faculty, staff and students is an honor and a privilege. My current role allows me to serve the educational institution that directly contributed to my success."

Aside from professional achievements, David's greatest triumph is his three children. He feels blessed to be a part of Kendall, Leah and Asa's developments and progress over the years.

David also has a love of cars. He says, "I enjoy restoring the classics, which I define as 1967 to 1981." He considers himself a GM guy but admits he did own a 1987 Mustang Convertible GT 5.0 while he attended EMU. David restores the cars from top to bottom and he has almost completed his fifth restoration, a 1981 Chevrolet Corvette.

Restoring homes is another hobby of David's. He typically restores single family homes which are all investment properties. Most of the homes are located in Northwest Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. He works with his business partner and between the two of them they complete 98% of the work themselves. David said, "We specialize in all facets of restoration and repair, with the exception of plumbing and roof work!"