School of Art & Design

114 Ford Hall

Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

Phone: 734.487.1268

Fax: 734.487.2324

About the Art School

The School of Art & Design is proud to be accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). This recognition of achievement by our students, faculty, and staff alike highlights the high standards that we expect from all aspects of the Art School.

Mission Statement:

The School of Art & Design at Eastern Michigan University provides students and faculty in art history, studio art, and visual art education with an environment that fosters excellence in teaching, creative work, and research, and a department-wide focus on student-centered learning.

Students are provided with a range of academic and professional experiences in and beyond the
classroom. These activities:

  • Provide a solid foundation in the skilled use of materials, tools, and techniques associated with a
    wide range of artistic and classroom practices.
  • Promote interest in, and knowledge of, key issues and processes relating to contemporary and
    historical art, artists, and educators.
  • Engender comprehension of visual language as a means of communication.
  • Foster an understanding of the larger role that the visual arts and design play in society.
  • Enable students to explore issues of diversity, especially in terms of the art world and its cultural
    influences and audiences.
  • Encourage experimentation, intellectual risk-taking, and critical reading/writing/thinking.

The School of Art & Design at EMU consists of five undergraduate majors, three minors, and one
graduate-degree option. The BFA in Studio Art has four concentrations: Graphic Design, 2D Media, 3D
Media, and Photography / New Media. The School also offers four other majors: a BA in Art, a BS in
Simulation, Animation and Gaming (SAG), a BFA in K-12 Visual Arts Education, and a BA in Art
History. The Art School offers minors in Art, Art History and Simulation, Animation and Gaming. There is one graduate MFA program in studio art. The graduate degree shares faculty, facilities, resources, and a common interest in the understanding, creation, and advancement of visual art. Synergies often develop as students and faculty work together within and across various program areas.

The programs range in size and focus from the BFA in K-12 Visual Arts Education program that leads its
peers in the outstanding preparation of art teachers, to an Art History program that not only helps EMU
art and general education students understand their shared visual culture, but provides additional
leadership and outreach to the community through its development of exhibitions of historical and
contemporary art and artists. The Bachelor of Science in Simulation, Animation and Gaming, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, and K-12 Visual Art Education lead the department in the number of
majors. They are recognized for their excellence in the preparation of animators, game designers, studio artists, and art educators.

The School of Art & Design consists of 24 full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty members, and two full-time lecturers, teaching in art history, studio art, and K-12 visual art education. Our faculty members
are experienced, practicing artists and scholars. Nearly all hold the highest degree in their fields (PhD or
MFA). The student to faculty ratio is about 11.6 - 1 overall in the art school, but varies depending on discipline. The average class size is 14 for studio art and visual art education, and an average of 35 in art history. The majority of art majors classes are taught by regular, full time faculty.

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