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College Coaching Corps

College Coaching Corps is a partnership program between EMU, the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) and local school districts: Milan High School and Ypsilanti New Tech. The College Coaching Corps was created to give graduating high school seniors and juniors around Washtenaw County both guidance and support in applying to colleges, as well as preparing for the transition into becoming young adults. By helping the students, the College Coaches are also assisting the counselors in the high schools by giving them more of an opportunity to focus on the emotional aspect of getting ready for college that some students may be troubled by. The coaches also provide the students with someone to talk to that is still in college, giving them more of a way to connect to their helpful resource.

The College Coaching Corps team consists of Amber Hawkins, William Horton-Anderson, and Jessica Hendricks. A very hardworking and enthusiastic team, the three Graduate Assistants are in their schools a minimum of twenty hours a week to work with the students in exchange for paid tuition and an opportunity to get hands on training in their future careers as counselors. This alone shows how much of a mutual partnership there is between the coaches and the schools in that they both really gain from one another. When speaking to the three coaches, the common goal amongst them was that they wanted to ensure that every student knew that there was “more” for them after they graduated. Whether it be a college, university, or an institute to learn a skill.


College Coaching Corps Graduate Assistantships 

We have four Graduate Assistantships available in our College Coaching Corp program. Please consider forwarding this mail to your graduate student list serves. etc.

The College Coaching Corps, beginning its fourth year in Fall 2017,  seeks to help more Michigan students pursue postsecondary educational opportunities particularly those students that are located in communities with low socio-economic status and low adult educational attainment rates.  A drive of this program is to provide support and mentoring for our county's first generation and low income students.

Working alongside school professionals and under the supervision of school counselor of various schools in Washtenaw County, the College Coaching Corps Graduate Assistants will support students as they make the transition from high school to postsecondary education. College Coaching Corps GA’s provide students and their families information regarding the benefits of a postsecondary education,  preparing for college attendance, post secondary pathways, admission and the financial aid process. 

This program is in partnership with various school districts in Washtenaw County, Washtenaw Futures (a Local College Access Network), the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) and EMU. Questions regarding the College Coaching Corps GA can be directed to Jessica 'Decky' Alexander at jalexande1@emich.edu or at "aa asl" <aa_asl@emich.edu>.




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