Extended Orientation

The Extended Orientation, formerly known as the Summer Incentive Program (SIP), has been alive and well at Eastern Michigan University since 1988, and to date, has served over 1,400 students. The mission of the Eastern Michigan University EMU Opportunity (EO) program is to provide high school graduating seniors who do not meet the prerequisites for admission the opportunity to attend Eastern Michigan University on a conditional basis. This program is designed to facilitate a smooth transition into University life while allowing each student to successfully develop academic skills and the personal responsibility necessary to ensure success at the University level.

To prepare these students for the rigors of college, build their academic skills, and transform them from high school graduates to EMU Scholars, the students are required to complete a structured three-week summer residential pre-college experience.


Essential program components include:

  • Instruction in collegiate literacy, mathematics, reading and writing concentrated on bringing students to the level of competence necessary to succeed in their beginning college courses.
  • A freshman seminar course, led by academic coaches, that cover topics such as time management, study skills and provides students with cultural and social enrichment.
  • A highly structured, intensive three-week residential environment under the leadership of trained resident mentors.
  • Study/tutorial sessions conducted by peer tutors, course instructors, and program staff.
  • Meetings with key university administrators of campus resources.