EMU Opportunity

The EMU Opportunity Program (EO) is targeted at students who fall just below the regular admission standards but show the potential to succeed with first year guidance. EO is a two-fold conditional-admit program:

  1. Students gain the opportunity to participate in an Extended Orientation - a structured three-week summer residential collegiate enrichment experience;
  2. EO participants who successfully fulfill all summer term requirements will be enrolled into the Scholars Program for the Fall and Winter semesters of the first year.


About EO

In an effort to improve the completion rate, increase retention and the overall graduation rate of EO students, the EO program provides a structured environment for students to learn how to persist in college. EO is the university’s college preparation program that is designed to facilitate a smooth transition into university life while allowing each student to develop the academic skills and personal responsibility necessary to ensure success at the university level. This environment provides students with the support and guidance needed to learn how to transition to college during their first year and be successful throughout their academic career at EMU and beyond.

The EMU Opportunity Program has several main goals:

  • To help participants adjust to university life and expectations;
  • To provide a community of support and resources to help students succeed at EMU;
  • To help students get acclimated socially to EMU and build long lasting relationships;
  • To help build academic abilities especially in the areas of math, English, critical thinking, and habits essential to college success.