GEAR-UP Student Development

As a part of Academic Success Partnerships, GEAR-UP sets out to lay a foundation for the students it serves by creating a group of well-prepared achievers and granting access to those who may not otherwise be college bound. GEAR UP clears the academic pathways to post-secondary success for underserved students working towards admission to EMU and other participating universities.

GEAR UP provides tools that allow students to thrive in these areas:

  • Post secondary planning (college, military, workforce and entrepreneurship)
  • Life strategies
  • Career mapping
  • Test preparation
  • STEM training
  • Effective learning techniques
  • Dignity, integrity and excellence (self-discipline model)  
  • Social development
  • Core curriculum intelligence (reading, writing and math)
  • Extreme reality exposure (The Real World, Need vs. Wants and Decision Making)

EMU GEAR-UP specifically offers an enrichment agenda for our professional partners and parents as well. Those initiatives include:

  • Professional development (national workshops, seminars, invitations to symposiums and conferences)
  • Financial planning workshops and additional topics for parent education

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