Our Mission

Mentorship Access Guidance In College exists to increase the graduation rates among students who have experienced foster care by removing barriers that interfere with academic success and the process of becoming an interdependent adult.

What MAGIC offers students at Eastern Michigan University:


  • Consistent coaching support
  • Help connecting to a mentor and support network
  • Connection to students from similar backgrounds
  • Opportunities for student leadership and engagement
  • Participation in statewide and national networking events
  • A program model which emphasizes interdependence over independence


  • Students have access to university liaisons to help navigate questions and concerns
  • Educational and employment opportunities
  • Assistance applying for scholarships, resources and career-related opportunities 
  • Emergency financial assistance for active participants
  • Campus and community resources

Guidance in College

  • Personal, professional and academic support
  • Monthly Life Skills Workshops
  • Assistance navigating campus and community life
  • Financial literacy and support

Want more information about MAGIC, the program's impact, and research?

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