What People Are Saying About MAGIC

"The EMU MAGIC program is one of Michigan’s exemplary campus-based support programs for students who have experienced foster care. Program staff and campus champions provide high quality coaching and mentoring, extensive outreach, and have built a strong support network for MAGIC participants. Since their inception, the EMU MAGIC program has partnered with students, creating student leaders who inspire others as they transform their lives and pave the way for brighter futures for all students who experience foster care." — Maddy Day, Director of Outreach and Training, Center for Fostering Success

"Last year I was privileged to be invited to the EMU’s Commencement by one of our multi-year scholarship recipients. For the past four years we have watched from afar as this young woman moved from foster care to EMU where she received personalized supports from the Mentorship Access Guidance in College (MAGIC) program. Her transition from foster care to college freshman, to upper classman, to college graduate and now to graduate school student was remarkable. Of course the specialized support services provided by MAGIC were essential to her academic success, but attention to providing caring and trusted relationships between students and staff seems the hallmark of this program. Too many capable young adults from foster care enroll in higher education only to feel lost and alone. MAGIC welcomes students to a safe and supportive environment where important relationships develop. It provides a supportive community where dreams of college success can and do become a reality. What a wonderful day this was!" — John Emerson, Postsecondary Education Advisor, Casey Family Programs

"MAGIC and their staff are instrumental supports in a student’s transition into independence on a college campus. They wear a variety of hats for their students (whatever is needed actually!) and are always accessible to us in partnership!" — Tanya Maki, ETV Coordinator, Lutheran Social Services of Michigan

"I appreciate MAGIC so much, words can't explain how much a big help the program is." — Kyla, EMU MAGIC student

"I am always going to keep thriving, especially with the support that I have from the MAGIC coaches. They are always looking out for me." — Corbin, EMU MAGIC student

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