The Michigan College/University Partnership (MICUP) program provides State of Michigan funding to Michigan's four-year public and independent colleges and universities to increase the number of admitted academically or economically disadvantaged students who transfer from community colleges into baccalaureate degree programs at four-year institutions.

MICUP at Eastern Michigan University partners with Wayne County Community College and Henry Ford College to increase the number of transfer students by providing a seamless path to earning a Baccalaureate degree. Funded by the state of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University's MICUP partnership initiative adopts a structure that will be referred to as the Baccalaureate Education Achievement Track (BEAT).

MICUP-BEAT is housed within the Academic Success Partnerships department. As a program serving the transfer student population, it completes the gaps in academically supporting a large population of students at Eastern Michigan University.


  • Be enrolled at a community college, or be an EMU community-college-transfer student.
  • Upon acceptance, maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Participate in Academic Success Partnerships programming. 

    If you are currently enrolled at a community college, contact us if you:

    • Plan to transfer to a four-year institution.
    • Have completed 45+ community college credits.


Upon acceptance, MICUP-BEAT participants will construct a personalized services calendar with an assigned MICUP-BEAT representative. They will also have first-hand access to all group activities and resources pertaining to transfer students.

Submit a Cohort Application form now, and receive a decision in less than a week!


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