AQIP Activities & Resources

Information on the Higher Learning Commission & AQIP can be found at:

Contact Information

Jeanne L. Thomas, Ph.D.
OIEA Faculty Intern -- Systems Portfolio
(734) 487-4924

Mary Sue Marz
OIEA Faculty Intern – AQIP Action Projects
(734) 487-4924

Jessica ‘Decky’ Alexander
Faculty Communication Intern
(734) 487-6570

Evan Finley
Graduate Assistant

Institutional Accreditation - AQIP

"AQIP is a quality improvement program and a quality assurance program for higher education." -Higher Learning Commission

AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Program) is an approach, a process and our means of maintaining institutional accreditation, with the Higher Learning Commission. The Higher Learning Commission, our regional accrediting body, and AQIP, our institutional accreditation process, commits us to continuous improvement in all areas of University operations.  The AQIP  process has three distinct cycles that occur simultaneously:


    • AQIP Action Project teams and leaders
    • Systems Portfolio category teams and leaders
  • COORDINATE & Manage
    • EMU AQIP Action Project proposal, documentation and closing processes
    • Systems Portfolio and AQIP Category Teams
    • Maintenance of Systems Portfolio Efolio files, including the Document Repository
    • Compliance materials as part of the Higher Learning Commission/AQIP requirements
  • CONNECT & Communicate
    • Calls for AQIP Action Projects
    • AQIP Action Project results
    • Information on the Systems Portfolio and its role in Institutional Accreditation to the university community