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Dr. Jamie Cornelius

Assistant Professor

Jamie Cornelius 401K Mark Jefferson Science Complex




B.S. 2001, University of Washington

Ph.D. 2009, University of California-Davis

Interests and Expertise

Observing animals in their natural environment is a fascinating, challenging, frustrating and often highly rewarding endeavor for field biologists. Physiological ecology (the study of physiology in free-living animals) is even more so. My lab investigates behavioral and physiological responses to environmental change with an emphasis on species that cope with high degrees of resource unpredictability. We utilize experimental field approaches and controlled captive studies to investigate diverse yet interconnected research topics including molt, migration, reproduction, winter adaptation, metabolism and stress in birds. My biggest goals as a mentor are to foster creative analytical thought, to allow students to engage directly with the scientific process and to encourage a passion for natural history and field biology. Lab members are expected to contribute to a collaborative and collegial learning environment, publish their research and engage with the community in outreach opportunities. 

Lab websitehttps://jcornel7.wixsite.com/crossbill


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