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Anita Stone

Part-Time Lecturer


Ph.D. 2004. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

B.A. 1996. Oberlin College

Interests and Expertise

My research focuses on the life history, behavior and ecology of primates, particularly netropical species. I am also interested in conservation issues, such as how anthropogenic habitat alterations affect species with different life histories. A major site of my field research is the Brazilian Amazon, where I currently study the reproductive ecology of squirrel monkeys. Squirrel monkey males show a unique reproductive physiology, in which they experience seasonal enlargement during the brief mating season. Quite literally, males "poof up" in order to breed. Although both male-male competition and female choice (sexual selection) have been invoked to explain this phenomenon, neither hypothesis has been tested. In addition, no one has tested whether larger males ultimately father more offspring, which is one of the goals of my work. As part of this research, I collect behavioral data on male squirrel monkeys during the mating season, and conduct paternity analyses on juveniles.


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Courses Taught

BIO 269 Biology of Sex and Gender

BIO 414 Terrestrial Ecosystems

BIO 479 Special Topics: Primate Ecology

BIO 514 Terrestrial Ecosystems

BIO 592 Special Topics: Primate Ecology

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