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Dr. Glenn Walker


Glenn Walker



B.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

M.S. Northern Arizona University

Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park

Interests and Expertise

My research interests primarily concern the ultrastructural aspects of cell differentiation. These studies have involved a wide variety of cell types including amphibian and fish embryos, mammalian epidermis, and spermatozoa. Current studies are focused on the examination of the Alzheimer's amyloid peptide, characterization of chemically induced deformities of lake trout and sturgeon eleutheroembryo development, and examination of how cellular interactions and cell signaling affect cell morphology.


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Courses Taught

BIO 259 Biology of Aging

BIO 305 Cell and Molecular Biology

BIO 447 Scanning Electron Microscopy

BIO 476 Mammalian Histology

BIO 547 Scanning Electron Microscopy

BIO 576 Mammalian Histology

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