The BrotherHOOD Barbershop

With the vision and guidance of the leadership of the Office of Diversity and Community Involvement, since 2013, the BrotherHOOD Barbershop is held bi-weekly each semester in the Rec IM Building. During this time, students not only are able to bond and build community while getting haircuts and food, but also actively participate in conversation designed to empower them as men of color. Some of the themes explored in each BrotherHOOD Barbershop include:

Shared Values

BrotherHOOD participants collaborate to determine the values the members will represent and the social norms that reflect what they will and will not do. Based on this discussion, the members will determine what brotherhood means to them in the BrotherHOOD community and how members can maximize the benefits and support of the program.

Grit, Identity and Stereotypes

BrotherHOOD participants discuss the difference between perseverance, determination, and a deep inward drive that is a continuous process. Based on this discussion participants will be able to appreciate the significance of GRIT and the role that one's social identity plays in academic and personal success.  

Active Bystander

BrotherHOOD participants become aware of what it means to be an active bystander. Based on this knowledge, participants will become aware of when to act when injustice occurs as well as the consequences that may arise after the decision is made.

Networking and Relationship Building

Guest speaker, Shamar Herron, the Workforce Development Manager for Michigan Works, provides a presentation about how to form strong relationship through networking in order to achieve short-term and long-term goals. The speaker also discusses the importance of taking advantage of resources and maximizing campus involvement experiences.

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