Programs Requirements

Live on Campus

All participants must live on campus (Sellers Hall) in the BrotherHOOD Living and Learning Community during their first year.

Attend Pre-Orientation and BrotherHOOD Orientation

All participants must sign up and attend Pre-Orientation prior to enrolling at EMU during the Fall. This Pre-Orientation allows students to move-in early to campus and is a time to prepare for their transition into college. The EMU Pre-Orientation Program dates will be announced in mid-2018 but typically run from Aug. 29 – Sep. 1, 2018. Students wishing to live in BrotherHOOD Living and Learning Community must also attend a half-day BrotherHOOD Orientation designed for program participants prior the beginning of the semester. This orientation typically will take place the day before the beginning of the term (Sep.4, 2018)

*Please note all freshmen students at EMU are required to attend EMU’s First-Four New Student Orientation (Typically Sept. 1-4).

Course Requirements

Students in the BrotherHOOD must sign up for the following courses during their first and second year. All these courses are courses that count towards the general elective requirements that every students completing a degree at EMU must take.

Freshman Year (Courses Offered as a Cohort for BrotherHOOD Students)

  • Fall Semester: UNIV 179L3: Introduction to the University
  • Winter Semester: AFC 101: Intro to African American Studies

Sophomore Year

  • Fall Semester: LEAD 201: Introduction to Leadership
  • Winter Semester: LEAD 301: Emerging as a Culturally Competent Leader

Participate in Bi-Weekly Evening Dialogues: The BrotherHOOD Barbershops

The BrotherHOOD Barbershop is a bi-weekly space designed for males on color to engage in conversation, development, and to create community. During this time students can get free haircuts, enjoy food and take part in guided conversations focused on academic, social, and professional development.

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