Budget Information

2018 Eastern Michigan University Budget

Colleges and universities nationwide face declining enrollments, long-term reductions in funding from state governments, and stagnant support from the federal government. Eastern Michigan University is not immune to these trends, and we must adjust our spending to ensure that the University has the resources to invest in financial aid for students, dynamic and high-demand academic programs, and world-class facilities—all of which will support students and faculty for decades to come.

During these challenging times, it is important to keep faculty, staff and students aware of news, announcements and initiatives regarding both limiting expenses and ways in which the University is seeking to generate new revenue and invest in the campus

It's also crucial to offer accurate information in response to the varied questions and perspectives that can arise during such a stressful time. This web page will be regularly updated with relevant information as the University continues to manage its finances and respond to the challenges of changing enrollment patterns and government funding.

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